Google Caffeine Experiment: How quickly will it pick up a new domain?

Our friends, formerly known as Podcastmatters have, within the last 5 minutes, just rebranded. As of now, they are known as fatBuzz.

fatBuzz logo

We are in Glasgow with them celebrating the relaunch.  But that doesn’t mean we’re going to miss out on a prime geek opportunity.

You may be aware that Google has recently introduced a new faster indexing system known as Caffeine (announcement here).

So this launch of a completely new brand with completely new site and domain name gives us a great opportunity to see how quickly Google will pick it up.

Every new site launch will differ so here’s some relevant details about this particular launch for the geekier amongst us:

  • There has been no deliberate SEO work done to the site (any savvy SEO will very quickly recognise this). Theoretically this is experiment is representative of a launch without SEO help.  In due course we’ll look at what could be done with SEO input and what difference it would make.
  • The new name (and domain name) has been subject to top secret classification.  No “submission” prior to the announcement has been made.  HOWEVER the and .org domains were indexed (at this point we don’t know if they were related or not)
  • The link will be tweeted a good few times
  • There’s likely to be some Facebook mentions/links of the domain
  • This blog post which includes a link is regularly indexed by Google and posts are syndicated to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Buzz automatically.  (It should be noted that the fatBuzz tag page on this site, was created about 14hrs after this original post)
  • A small AdWords campaign has also been launched.
  • We checked Google as soon as the new name was announced and confirmed it wasn’t already indexed.

We’ll update this post with developments…


  1. Within a minute or two of the announcement Google’s real time search had activated in the number 1 organic position.  Impressive stuff – Google we bow down before you!
  2. 30 mins or so in the real time search has dropped to the bottom of the front page (there were may be 20 or so people tweeting about it initially, the frequency of tweets had dropped by this point)
  3. Next morning: Still no sign of the domain in the index.  (This blog post hasn’t made it in either yet – typically our posts get in much more quickly but our posting frequency has dropped a bit of late)
  4. 16hrs That’s this article ranking now (position 5 just below the video)
  5. 22hrs The Fatbuzz Twitter page is now ranking in position six.   The Attacat listing has been changed from this article to the fatBuzz tag page.
  6. 26hrs There she blows! In at number 5 just below the video and just above this article. The listed page is the picture gallery page, not the home page. The Twitter page has also been replaced by a tweet. (Three listings on the first page in total, plus the AdWords listing.)  Any bets on how quickly it’ll rise to No1?
  7. 36hrs No change. Any bets on how quickly it’ll rise to No1
  8. 40hrs The Fatbuzz Contact page now ranking instead of the gallery page but it’s dropped to position 8.  The Attacat Fatbuzz tag page is now ranking higher.
  9. 50hrs The Fatbuzz Twitter page is back on page 1, giving a total of 4 related listings.
  10. 60hrs. No change
  11. 3.5 days.  Two videos from the FatBuzz YouTube channel have now replaced the previous video listings.  A FatBuzz Vimeo video has also moved into the number 2 position. The Attacat page has disappeared.  There’s now a Twitpic listing in additon to the twitter listings.  So that’s 4 listings + two videos on the first page now.
  12. 4 days.  The Twitter page has now gone up to number 2.  The real time search has also popped back up as the the @fatbuzz account builds up steam.  The Attacat page is also back.  Listing 2, 3,4,6 and 10 are all related to the fatBuzz at this time.
  13. 2 weeks on. A lot of changes since I last checked. is finally outranking the holding page domain that sat at no 1 for ages but it’s still only position 3.  However fatBuzz controlled or friendly listings now form all of the top 5 listings and 8 out of the top 10.

Side note 01/07/10 9.30am – I launched a new website last night that has been indexed already.


About fatBuzz

Based in Glasgow, the company offers design and social media services  including creation of video content and audio podcasts.

They are also the team behind the New Media Breakfasts that Attacat have been speaking at.

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4 thoughts on “Google Caffeine Experiment: How quickly will it pick up a new domain?”

  1. Guest says:

    You want to get that old domain 301-ed to the new one.

    • Tim Barlow says:

      I’m pretty sure they are keeping the old domains running rather than redirecting them

  2. Ed Henderson says:

    I had the same thing with a new domain I had. Few tweets, Google Webmaster submission. Within 12 hours I had a Google Alert. Pretty fast.

    • Tim Barlow says:

      Hi Ed,nnThanks for dropping by and for sharing. How long ago was this?nnI suspect that the Webmaster submission may have had some impact.

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