Google Docs Update – The Best of Wave now added to Docs

Whilst we haven’t yet divorced ourselves from Microsoft Office we do make a reasonable use of the Google alternatives to Word and Excel.  The latest update is swinging the pendulum more and more in favour of making that jump.

The focus of the launch seems to be a new foundation of improving real time collaboration and better drag and drop facilities to make it feel closer to the desktop experience.

It’s the real time collaboration that I love. As you probably know I have a quiet obsession with Google Wave which has inevitably not yet lived up to the ridiculous expectations that came with it’s preview launch.  However the one thing that I do continue to use Wave for is for working collaboratively on meeting notes and other documents.  It seems that this update to Google Docs is going to bring this functionality to Docs meaning that I will use Wave less and less.

(I am expecting a second Wave wave at somepoint.  The time to start playing with it again is when Wave can talk seamlessly to e-mail)

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