Google-less March – could you live with no Google for a month?

Could you go Google-less for a month?

Print Hut  have decided to do exactly this for the whole of March 2013 as a protest against Google’s ‘Go Paperless’ campaign.

They have been inspired by a letter written by Two Sides to Mr Eric Schmidt of Google highlighting their concerns that Google and other companies are trying to show themselves as being “environmentally preferable to print and paper whereas there is significant evidence that electronic communication, and Google’s activities in particular, carry a significant and increasing environmental footprint.”

The letter pulls up some facts about Google’s environmental impacts: Google uses 2.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, and this would power 207,000 US homes for one year or about 41 Empire State Buildings. The Go Google-less campaign argues that, on balance, print and paper can be a sustainable way to communicate.

Print Hut have decided that if Google go paperless in 2013 then they will go Google-less in March and will be abiding to the following rules:

  • Not use Google as their preferred browsing tool
  • No uploads to their YouTube channel
  • Not use Google maps
  • Not use Google images
  • No Gmail emails will be sent

You can join them or support them in their mission on their Facebook page.


who do you support?

Where do you stand in this argument? Do you think it’s just each side clearly trying to support their own industry, or does one side have more of a point?

We would love to know how you think you would get on not using Google.


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2 thoughts on “Google-less March – could you live with no Google for a month?”

  1. Attacat Tim says:

    Short answer: no chance (unless I’m allowed a month off work?) The browser is probably the biggest challenge on the list for me. Google products not on the list that would pose me challenges would be Docs and Google Sites. I know I could find other providers of all these things but 1. I don’t want to/it would take a lot of work. 2. It wouldn’t improve my environmental foot print as the other suppliers will probably be just as bad, if not worse.

    I have to agree that targeting printing is the wrong route as the environmental impact is really not that huge. Make me work from home for a month, and my footprint would be much improved!

    (Pet hate: “Please consider the environment before printing this email” in signatures. Have been toying with putting “Please consider conserving electrons before putting useless comments in your email signature” for a while now. Never had the guts to do it.)

  2. kataloona mackenzie says:

    oh my goodness im hardly on google now. i just go outside or use the time to actually do stuff i need to do! but i may not have gone off for tyhe whole of MARCH but i did go off for april! and this is the 1st time since march!

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