Google suggest what to search for in PPC

Google is never one to rest, always testing  new ideas and alterations to the search results format. The latest we’re seeing evidence of is search suggestions in the right-hand-side paid search results column. Worded as ‘Also try’, it appears to be very similar to the related search suggestions displayed in organic search results (see image below) in proposing potentially related searches that, through Google data, they have found to be relevant to the initial search query.

Google related search

Implications of suggestions to paid search

As related searches help to drive traffic to the suggested search terms in organic search, the ‘Also try’ keywords in paid search could also drive significantly improved traffic to the suggested terms. This could mean that niche or long-tail keywords could see improved results and spend, however it’s also likely that savvy search marketers will cotton on to the related terms in their markets and niche long-tail keywords suddenly become a lot less niche.

This is just another example of what Google regularly seem to achieve – increased competition across search terms makes bids go up and the big-G get a little more income.

See a sample pic of the paid search ‘Also try‘ suggestions courtesy of @SEMantiks

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