Google TV: Sit back and relax

I’ve looked forward to the convergence of the web and TV for a long time (though I’m not looking forward to the arguments over who gets the remote!)

Google TV Logo

Google TV seems to be the boldest play to date in this direction and as their new “Optimising for Google TV guidelines” show, it’s going to create a good bit of adaption by businesses.  We are all going to need:

  • Websites
  • Mobile sites; and now
  • TV sites

Fortunately there is no need to panic.

  1. We don’t know if Google TV will take off (there is an inevitability about web TV convergence but Google TV may not be it and therefore it could be a good way off)
  2. Mass adoption will happen in the US a good while before it happens here so there will be plenty of time to adapt as and when the time comes
  3. The work required to adapt sites will likely be a lot less than the interactive TV “sites” of old and now as web standards will likely be at the heart of the web on TV

So for the time being I’m just sitting back, relaxing, watching, waiting and salivating over the prospect of TV SEO and search ads on TV.  Bring it on!

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