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We all need to use the URL builder on occasion to ensure that all of our non-AdWords campaigns are tagged correctly so we can view the data in Google Analytics.  It can be a time consuming task setting up all of those URLs manually so we created a template a  little while ago…

We got a few requests for this template from clients & looking around in the interwebs there wasn’t really an easy to use template anywhere (the only one I found was from Google but to be honest I think mine is better!).

What is it for?

The URL builder can be used to create structured URLs to view acurate campaign data in Google Analytics for any activity such as:

  • Microsoft/Yahoo advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Tweets (I’ve been thinking about creating a URL shorter that will allow you to add some campaign variables for the URL builder but I’ve not got round to it yet!)
  • Any links that you use a URL shortener for (otherwise the links get pretty unmanageable)
  • QR code links
  • Offline advertising – i.e. TV, Print etc (if you use some nice redirections from vanity URLs – ask if you want to know more!)

What does it do?

The particualr temaplte allows you to add the global variables for your campaign – things like source, medium & campaign name.  You can then add any of the other optional varaibles to the sheet on a URL by URL basis – if you don’t add in extar variables the tempalte automatically removes them from the final URL.

If you need help just ask because it means I’ve not explained it properly!

Google URL Builder Template Download

The template is here to download in both Excel 2003 & Excel 2007/2010 format.

Google URL Builder Template – Attacat Internet Marketing – Excel 2007 – V0.2

Google URL Builder Template – Attacat Internet Marketing – Excel 2003 – V0.2

We’re happy to offer this tool but we do request that you don’t just rip it off and stick your logo on it!  There’s not much point in trying to lock down the files because anyone with a bit of Excel knowledge (or access to a search engine) will be able to break the security anyway!

If you like it feel free to Tweet, Like it or +1 – if you’re that way inclined 😉

Version 0.1 – first release
Version 0.2 – fixed some typos!

Feature Requests

If you have any problems with the template or would like any additional featurs adding then  please let me know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Google URL Builder Template – the Attacat version”

  1. peter says:

    Hi Ben, nice template for advanced users! But tagging URL’s is for many people too complicated – so for them I made Simple Tag 😉

    They don’t need to decide what to add as medium or source.

    • Attacat Ben says:

      Thanks Peter.

      I’d agree that campaign tagging across multiple links is probably a little more advanced but if you’ve got a few links then it’ll save time! I’ve tried to make it as user friendly as possible…

      Nice simple interface on yours though 😉 Might be worth creating an Excel version of your with the simplified buttons – if I get a few minutes I will!

  2. Steve Norris says:

    HI, great idea, thanks. Just one thing – there’s a minor typo: ‘Camapign Name’

    • Attacat Ben says:

      Cheers Steve! Duly updated… New version 0.2 without silly typos

  3. kevin says:

    nice peter! P.S link on here for excel docs are broken.

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