Great Facebook Updates To Improve Your Campaigns

Facebook is all about launching updates to their advertising offering at the moment and let me tell you, we’re just thrilled about it. There is loads more on offer and loads more to have a play around with. Most importantly, it’s providing opportunities to increase reach and exposure so really what could be better than that. Check out some of the newest Facebook Advertising updates below:


Instagram ads available in Facebook interface, yay!

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This is probably the biggest one of late. Facebook have now incorporated Instagram into their advertising platform. This is going to massively expand the reach of a campaign, enhance engagement and enable content to be shared more easily with the audience that matters. It’s especially big for those companies with awesome visual and video content.

Facebook has only launched this ability in 3 campaigns and you may not have access just yet but they are rolling this feature out throughout October so keep an eye out for this.

instagram active

Once you have access if you hover over the ‘app install’ , ‘clicks to website’ or ‘video views’ objective then you should see the following message. This means you’re good to go.
The great thing about this feature being added to the Facebook advertising offering is that you will get the endless range of targeting options to use on Instagram.

Lead Generation objective

There is a new objective available in Power Editor. If you track form completions, want to run a survey, get newsletter sign ups or drive deals, coupons and offers then these ads are ideal! They give you the ability to get users to complete forms directly in Facebook.

facebook lead gen
You can tailor questions to these forms to get additional information or can just capture the email and name. Also after they click submit you will drive them to your site, increasing traffic at the same time which is an obvious bonus.

The data that you capture from these campaigns can be used within custom audiences. This gives you the ability to remarket to the people that signed up so you can bring them further down the sales funnel.

You can also choose a new set of call-to-actions to keep your ad relevant to the end goal. CTAs such as sign up, subscribe, apply now, get a quote and download have all been added into the mix.

Video Ads in side-by-side carousel ads

This hasn’t always been possible and will be a great addition to the interface. It will give you the ability to advertise videos and images in carousel ads. So for example you can show a video of your product in the first part of the ad and then display the product range showcasing the different types, styles or models. This is great for driving engagement and showcasing your range of products at the same time.

Only pay for people who view 10sec+ of your video

Video views campaigns have a relatively new feature. Facebook have introduced paying for video views on a cost-per-view rate that only takes effect after the user has watched at least 10 secs. This option is likely to be slightly more expensive but will ensure that you are paying for a more engaged user. This is an option that is definitely worth testing to see how this impacts the cost of your video engagement on Facebook.

Engaging with Rugby Fans on Facebook and Instagram


The rugby World Cup is taking over the TV until the end of October. With this in mind Facebook have provided a new custom segment to target during the World Cup. This is Rugby (2015) it can be found in Behaviours > seasonal events. If you are a sport retailer and are looking to get good exposure over the Rugby World Cup then this would be a great place to start to drive brand awareness. 

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