Heads up: We’re moving to new accounts software FreeAgent

It turns out I’m not the only newbie at Attacat Towers this week – it’s my pleasure to introduce our shiny new accountancy software FreeAgent that’s set to make life a whole lot easier for both our clients and staff.

The inevitable hiccups

As with any new software, there’s bound to be one or two teething problems, so please bear with us whilst we find our way around the system. Rest assured, we are doing our best to handle the transition with Buddhist-like serenity and poise, with nary a swearword uttered or wastepaper basket kicked.

And the good news?

In a nutshell, FreeAgent is cloud-based, so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Meaning:

  • There’s no waiting to get back to the office to get a query sorted.
  • It provides excellent visibility and tracking of invoices so we can answer client questions quickly and easily.
  • All our accounting information will be in one place, and accessible in just a few short clicks.
  • Best of all, FreeAgent is developing a new feature that will allow clients to cut out the middle man and login to view their invoice status themselves. We’ll notify clients as soon as this is good to go.
  • For the Attacats, benefits of FreeAgent also include more regular and meaningful financial reporting, a streamlined system for paying suppliers, and access to monthly profit and loss statements – which of course equals an interesting insight into profit share…

In the long run, FreeAgent is set to be an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that will make accounting and invoicing an altogether much friendlier beast. So we’ll have more time to focus on clients, and preserve our sanity to boot.


The Freeagent team know a thing or two about online marketing and offer all customers a refer a friend code. So if you’re thinking of moving to Freeagent and fancy a discount, then use the referral code 414liinb to get 10% off for both you and us.


For more details on FreeAgent, there’s a short summary video of the system at the company website.


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2 thoughts on “Heads up: We’re moving to new accounts software FreeAgent”

  1. Alex says:

    Hi guys- I really like Free agent- ( and hate SAGE with a vengeance) – we’ve just gone through similar process of reviewing online software and had a good look at it- on analysis we decidedn1) its brilliant…. but..more geared up for freelancers and self employed consultants than SME’s and for the accounting function we needn2) on reflection http://www.xero.com did the same as FA but had better business functions- reporting functionalitynnmay be worth having a look atnnwhat is great to see is other companies rebelling against the inefficiencies of the accounting industry and making the move online to some SAGE killers- well done the Attacats

    • Tim Barlow says:

      Hi AlexnnWe had a look at Xero too. u00a0I was impressed but went with Freeagent for it’s simplicity. u00a0It feels as if its built around me, not my accountant/book keeper (a fact that is causing Helen (our long suffering book keeper) a certain amount of grief. u00a0I think that criticism is more pointed at Sage than Xero though.nnWe can compare notes again in a few months time when I have real experience of it to judge Freeagent by!

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