How to get an entry level marketing job at Attacat: The 2015 edition

Last night we held our now traditional graduate “job applicant feedback session”.

What, you may ask, is that?  To put it simply, we invited people who applied for our recent graduate position but didn’t get the job to come along and find out why.


People Around Table


This is a tradition we started five years ago when the graduate job market suddenly got very stacked in the employers’ favour. We found that graduates, if they were lucky, would get a “sorry but no, very high standard blah” letter and were left totally in the dark about how they could improve their chances of getting a job.

The format of our evening goes as follows:

  • I talk through our process and common pitfalls (see presentation below)
  • We then spend a couple of minutes with each applicant on their own application to try to point out specifics they could improve on

Five years later…

Five years on and we’ve probably run the session five times. Last night around 15 of our 80+ applicants attended the session. I’m always amazed by the positive attitude that people come to the session with.

To date, we’ve never had anybody who has come along to give us a hard time.  The graduates always take the feedback in the light it was intended – constructively.  And we do do our best to say it as we see it (rather than try to avoid the uncomfortable)!

There’s always a few people who can’t make it on the night, so for their benefit in particular, here’s the slide deck of all our clever tricks and cunning plans for getting a job with us (Spoiler: there’s no cunning or clever tricks required).

Of course, our process will be different to other marketing jobs but if you are a graduate looking to take that first step into a marketing career, then I hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

Each time we run the session, we always hear, “The careers department told me to do it this way”, so if nothing else you will likely find a few different points of view (that we are pretty confident are ones that other employers share).

Attacat job vacancies

If you’d like to be notified of any future vacancies at Attacat, then please sign up on our jobs page.

(And if you are reading this at some point in the future from today because we’ve got another graduate vacancy, then congratulations on finding this post! We hope that you find it useful).

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