Take advantage of Google’s NEW Expanded Text Ads

Google has recently launched what they call the biggest change to AdWords since it launched in 2000 – the long awaited expanded ad!

 But what exactly is changing? Here are all the things you need to know about expanded ads and how to make the most out of all that extra space.

Ad Components




One 25-character headline Two 30-character headlines

Description Line

Two 35-character description lines One 80-character description line.
Display URL Manually entered with 35-character limit

Domain extracted from final URL and you can add two URL “paths” at the end.

Expanded ads will be shown across all devices and will wrap automatically based on device size. Early results from Attacat’s clients has seen expanded ads improving click-through-rate (CTR) by up to 7%!

Here are few tips on how to effectively write expanded text ads.

Make the most of the headlines

You now have a 60-character limit on your headline, meaning you can make it far more eye-catching, irresistible and informative for your target market. Utilise this opportunity by including the most important messaging in the headlines. Include offers, highlight your best USPs and insert a call-to-action to round out the ad.


Give it some personalityelle character jumping

With a whopping 80-characters to use in the description line you can not only provide searchers with essential information but you can also start to show more personality and flair in your ads. This is likely to improve your click-through rate and appeal more to your target market, which will all help towards getting a higher number of those all important converted clicks and improving your return on investment.

Focus on quality score

The new format will mean that quality score is even more important as the expanded ads will take up a lot more space on the page, making anything below positions 3 or 4 practically irrelevant. Makfergus-analyticse sure to concentrate on landing page relevance, ad relevance and using focused keywords in your ad groups to ensure that your keywords get the highest quality score possible.

Overall, expanded ads provide a fantastic opportunity for you to improve your CTR and return on investment. We suggest getting to work amending your ads now to utilise this great change!

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