HTML Primer: Learn HTML in 2 and a half minutes

At the New Media Breakfast this morning I sought to encourage the attendees to learn a tiny bit of HTML as it is a skill that has stood me in good stead for 14 years.

Knowing how to tweak blog posts for example or add a little formatting or links when you post in a forum can be a useful SEO or online marketing skill to have and as this video hopefully shows, it really isn’t complicated.

Having shown this video in Glasgow at the Social Media vs SEO faceoff event where I was sparring with Gordon White from fatBuzz to win votes for the best tips, it quickly became apparent that this was not my most popular tip. Tweets included “8.30am is too early for an HTML lesson” and a sympathetic “@timbarlow is right though, knowing a bit of HTML is good for SEO”

So when we had the rematch in Edinburgh, rather than give Gordon an easy point, I gently bribed the attendees by getting them to vote for me if I promised not to show them the video at the breakfast and posted it here instead.

So here you are. Not the most fascinating video on the planet it is fair to say, but if you have never tweaked any HTML code before, I hope this quick primer will encourage you to click on the HTML tab next time you put up a blog post.


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3 thoughts on “HTML Primer: Learn HTML in 2 and a half minutes”

  1. Joy says:

    Very nice! Simple but effective. Know of any similar resources for getting into CSS?

    • Attacat Tim says:

      Hi Joy. Sadly not. Please let me know if you stumble across one.

  2. Kiril says:

    Joy & Tim,

    I actually know one.Code academy came up with a quite an easy way to learn html and css. They have some great JavaScript lessons too, so check it out:

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