iAds: In-App Interactive Mobile Ads to get Excited About

This is certainly one to try out as soon as iPhone users upgrade to OS4.

Apple are launching a new format of adverts for the mobile called iAds. iAds take advantage of the amount of time that iPhone users spend using applications – an average of 30 minutes a day for each iPhone user!  (Which Steve Jobs equates to 1 billion advertising opportunites a day)

Apple feel that people don’t really use search much on iPhones.  They are using apps to find things instead (e.g. the Yelp app to find restaurants rather than the inbuilt Google search).

iAds looks to take advantage of this, sharing 60% of the proceeds with developers.

Jobs also aims to bring greater emotion to the ads (such as that which is typical in TV ads but not necessarily web ads) and combine this with the interactivity that we have on the web.

The complexity of ads are likely to prevent barriers to entry for smaller advertisers though no doubt tools will evolve to make this easier with time.

There’s no mention of using users’ locations for the ads which is clearly an area they are likely to want to push.

(Skip to about 5 mins in to see the ads being demonstrated)

As an aside the whole i thing is really starting to bug me!  I see iAds and I see a typo of Aids and with the iPad it’s hard to avoid the tampon jokes.  (Had a brief play with an iPad this morning – must say it looks great though I’m still sceptical about version 1)

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