Initial Thoughts on Google Buzz

Google’s latest launch into the Social world.

What Is Google Buzz?

From the Horse’s Mouth:

Initial Thoughts

Some notes jotted on the iPhone on my way home last night

Just taking a very initial look at Buzz whilst heading home. Looks very Twitteresque but allows greater flexibility with what you share (more than text)

Appears as if replies (comments) will come into your updates like Twitter but will be attached to the original Buzz like Facebook. Commenting on popular folks Buzz will likely increase your followers more so than Twitter. The richer will get richer.

Geo tagging of mobile status updates provides more data for localising personalised search results and also has echo’s of the Foursquare check-in process

Recommended Buzz looks like retweets on steroids – decided by algo rather than followers per se. This is perhaps the most intetesting service that isn’t yet offered by major players. No doubt we’ll see AdWords adverts creeping in here somehow in due course

Nice simple web-based iPhone app launched already.

Apparently there is quite good integration with Twitter but not Facebook which will make it difficult to prise users away. Not a killer app yet it would seem though a significant step towards Google gaining social market share

Interesting fact – Gmail 150 million users, Facebook 400 million users, Twitter c.20 million?

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