Internet marketing: Now it really is a marathon

Edinburgh Marathon logo

Attacat’s very own Joel (aka Jolu) has decided to run the Edinburgh Marathon on 22 May this year in support of our valued client AICR, the Association for International Cancer Research, who really are lovely people and a great cause.

Will he succeed? Will he fail? Will his dodgy knees and ankles simply fall off at the thought of such a run?

He’s going the distance

Hi guys, please do feel free to leave your comments if you’d like to offer your support, mockery, pity or derision for my undertaking, or if you’re feeling generous please do donate to my fundraising pages (I’ve gone with both as I’m all for equal opportunities):

You can find out more about my progress and preparation by keeping an eye on the Attacat Brain in the coming weeks and months. I may even be able to tenuously link long distance running to the process of internet marketing, and we can all learn some lovely lessons about endurance or something. Maybe…

I’d also like to mention friend-of-Attacat Mark Cooper, aka Run with Mark, who has provided a large amount of amount of inspiration to push myself and get involved in running, and Mr. Mark Beaumont who is of course a bit of a legend and it was a pleasure to see him speaking in Edinburgh recently.

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