June Month In Numbers

June was a great month for some, not so great for others. So many numbers out there, it’s what you do with them that counts though.


The number of skills Amazon has learned now, Amazon is leading the way in voice powered devices. Is this the future for us all? a lot of those skills are quite basic, but the drive towards AI is now at full pace, as long as Skynet don’t start making Terminators anytime soon…

50 Million

No not the current market value of a half decent centre back from Portsmouth, but the number of people who have left Facebook, although this is expected to be a slight blip and they are on track to surpass the 2Billion mark very soon.


Be careful where you put your brand. This huge percentage of consumers say they would re-think purchasing from brands who advertise next to questionable content.


Think you are reaching the millennials through email? This crafty lot have separate email accounts for brand messaging, just try to give them more of an incentive to communicate.



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