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Landing page optimisation

This is the first of hopefully many landing page optimisation posts allowing me to share my bit of expertise and motivate you to have a more in-depth, critical look towards your landing pages. Additionally, this post is a direct example of review we are planning to run during our landing page optimisation webinar later next month – leave your email here if you want to attend or volunteer your landing page for participation.

I am a true believer in the never-stopping optimisation process, and I’m continually looking for improvement insights and regularly testing. In order to strengthen this point there is no better place to start than our own website, which needs work after being relatively untouched since the site launched about a year ago (Ben: Clients come first I’m afraid!!)

Attacat SEO page

Landing Page:

Traffic Source: Mainly organic search engines

Main Keywords: SEO; SEO Edinburgh; SEO Scotland

Main issues

    1. Unclear unique value proposition (UVP)

Definitely the main shortcoming of the page – clarifying a clear UVP is perhaps the most important factor for SEO-type services. In the SEO industry the majority of tactics and strategies are based on common guidance and advices from the industry leaders; that’s why providing something unique to your visitors will generally become your biggest competitive advantage. Justify why you are better than dozens of others and make it intuitively clear for a visitor so they can understand within seconds of landing.

    2. Copy targeting

It might be just my personal opinion, but I believe that during the last couple of years SEO has reached the top niche of necessary Internet marketing skills and you will hardly ever find a business person not knowing basics of SEO and the main tactics used to succeed. On that count it might be beneficial to dedicate the focus of on-page copy to persuading your visitor to convert rather than educating them. Even early-stage users will have sufficient background knowledge, allowing you to minimise the “What is SEO?” copy and concentrate on “Why do SEO with you?”

    3. Call-to-action below the fold

This is slightly embarrassing and we are going to change it without any testing. Always make sure to provide visible CTAs on every page, especially when it is logically expected by the user’s decision-making process.

More details

See my additional comments for our landing page here. I’ve used the Bounce web app to record my observations and avoid a big, image-heavy post; please share your opinion in the comments below on whether you like the Bounce solution and if we should use it more often for our blog posts.

Things to test

I never tire of shouting that every single change to the page should be tested if possible. That is why I think it is a good idea to share some test ideas for every LPO post:

  • Several variations of UVP: Think about various persuasion factors: price, track record, unique approach, etc.
  • Web copy: Test more advanced service description, including strategies, tactics, targeting more educated audience type
  • Additional credential elements: Testimonials, case studies, trust signs etc.

Finally, if you want to have your landing page reviewed in a similar basis please subscribe to our webinar. Think about it as a free expert review rather than public judgement. And believe me, Tim & Ben will always make sure to filter my sometimes “not very polite” comments so nobody’s professionalism will be questioned!

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2 thoughts on “Landing Page Optimisation: Attacat SEO page”

  1. Love the fact you’re happy to analyse your own site. So many companies point the finger at what other people are doing wrong, but never at themselves.nnI had a call from an SEO company a couple of years ago whose own website was not in the top 50 results in a search for their own company name. The sales guy didn’t understand why that was important!

    • Attacat Joel says:

      Thanks for the comment Fergus. Although it’s understandable and easy to fall into the ‘client’s performance comes first’ state of mind the performance of our own site is a consideration as it reflects upon our abilities and reputation. nnThe SEO and CRO of our site is something that did get a little bit left behind following the site change but we’re ensuring we’re getting on top of it now and not pulling any punches!

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