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Unfortunately, it’s been a while since our last landing page optimisation review so today I want to continue our series with another example. Previously we covered plenty of various industries from laser eye surgery to office furniture so today I want to try something more local – Edinburgh Restaurants.

Please note that the quality of food is not anyhow correlated with the quality of landing pages and both examples below are probably the best Scottish restaurants in Edinburgh.

Amber Restaurant

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Phone number in header

Great to place the phone number prominently in the header. In this case customers can find their number quickly. Additionally, it could be great to increase both font size and colour so the number will be even easier to spot on mobile devices as well.

Opening Times


This is perhaps the most important piece of information on the entire page but made extremely unusable and confusing. The only way to find out lunch or dinner time is to read this entire block of text several times. A simple table could make this much more readable so potential customers can easily scan it through on their phone on the way to the restaurant.

Industry Awards


This is a great way to build trust for any new visitors. I really like the combination of both industry awards as a professional proof and customer excellence as more of a  social trust builder.

 Ineffective Primary CTA



Online booking is logically the primary action you want all your visitors to take but as you can see the actual CTA is so hidden and unnaturally placed that I even needed to highlight it on the screenshot above. I’m confident that this is one of the most important conversion roadblocks and simply by increasing the size of the button, changing the image to actually look like a button and mostly important placing it prominently will significantly improve the conversion rate of the page.

Howies Restaurant

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Phone & Address

Similar to the previous example, it is definitely a good idea to have your address and phone number placed on every landing page but it needs to be easily spotted. Select a distinguishing colour and ensure that it’s physically impossible to miss the phone number within first 5 second of the visit.

Copy Prioritisation


Headlines, paragraphs and left alignment were invented so people can scan through several blocks of text within seconds. This entire block of text is impossible to digest and if you actually have enough patience to read it you can see that it’s just an incredible mess of statements about the company, locations, menus and other restaurants.

You might say that this is not so bad and I’m just being dishonestly picky but the problem with the copy above is not it’s irrelevance to the potential visitors – it’s also a wasted valuable space. By wasting so much space on displaying irrelevant information both of the landing pages missed the opportunity to provide the most important answer:

Why would I choose your restaurant amongst hundreds of other restaurants within a 10 min walk?

Especially, if you will take into consideration that the majority of potential customers are city break tourists and they literally will be choosing one place out of hundreds. Displaying a clear and intuitive unique value proposition can give them the required reasons to select you.

set prices

This obviously is not a strong enough reason. Set price lunch is great but not in any way unique. AND NO NEED TO SCREAM ABOUT IT EITHER!!!1




It’s always a great decision to include some testimonials but it clearly needs some optimisation to reach maximum potential. Several of our split tests have confirmed that personalised testimonials are much more effective at building trust. So rather than copying and pasting a line from the restaurant review simply list the actual quotes of customers who already tried your restaurant. Add names, age and city for even more personal touch. Finally,  placing it on the bottom of the page will work only for the most patient users who both scrolled so far and actually decided to read it as well.

That’s about it for the local restaurants. We will be back with another set of landing page reviews soon. Happy testing!

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