LINK: Don’t let SEO get in the way of good design

Always at the forefront of SEO, SEOmoz have pulled another stunner of a blog post out of the bag with this article.

7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends (that Can Actually Improve SEO)

Technology has moved on to the point that it is now possible to create Search Engine Friendly sites that look like the below (picture from SEOmoz article).

Carbonmade Home Page

The one comment I would make about the article is that the opening paragraph gives the impression that SEO is only about what we term “on-site” SEO (i.e making the site accessible and easily understood to search engines) when clearly SEO covers much more than that.

However one point worth taking away is the clear impact of how cool design features are now much more likely to improve search engine rankings, than banish them beyond the top 1000.  A far cry from days of old.

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