Linkbait Precognition:Sometimes I have a good feeling about linkbait, and sometimes…

Sometimes I have a good feeling about linkbait, and sometimes… I don’t

Linkbait (noun): Any website content or feature designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. Common link building tactic used in SEO.

cookie naughtiness scale all ready to go

Move along now, nothing to see here (well for 12 months anyway)

Wouldn’t life be dull without bureaucracy

A brief history of the cookie directive:

2 weeks to go

ICO’s Christopher Graham: “There is a time for lobbying and a time for compliance, and the time for compliance is now. There’s no point fighting battles that you lost two years ago.”

1 day to go

Government Minister Ed Vaizy announcing a 1 year delay: “there will be no immediate changes to how UK websites operate as a result of new EU rules”. Instead, he says he will work with organisations to “come up with workable technical solutions”.

Day of the cookie directive

Tim Barlow (a bloke in Edinburgh):”Sigh.”




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