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Social media….what can’t you say about it?!

Well, from my experience it’s something that I have found extremely interesting, pratical but also somewhat far fetched at times.  It’s one of those topics that’s contrived as either proactively engaging with your audiences through new media platforms and models of communication, or simply, wasting time.

There are many aspects to social media, but I wanted to put up a blog post about following or ‘listening’.  Here are a few things I have picked up from experts and my own experiences.

Horses for Courses: Find a platform that suits your needs.  The technology in social media is ever-changing, so don’t be afraid to spend some time looking around.  Some of it is easy to use, some of it not! But you learn from experience, or at least I have!

Commitment: There is nothing worse than coming back to a massive list of  feeds/posts to read. You need to be regular with social media, if you use Google reader for example- check it daily. I left my reader unread for two weeks and am still struggling to get through it all!

Work & Play: Combine your business & interests in your listening activities. I know that people find it difficult to draw the line between work and play, but following your favorite sports team and a PPC expert makes it interesting to you and works on your commitment to using it!  On applications like Twitter & facebook, individuals can see whom you follow and thus get an indication of your character. People like to see that someone has some hobbies outside of work. And by following an artist, musican etc, it’s technically related to work – you’re building your own brand!

Quality over Quantity: I personally don’t believe anyone can effectively listen to 800 people in a room, so why do it in social media? It’s a personal one here, so please let me know if you disagree. There’s no magic number when your listening – sorry! Go with what your comfortable with.

This is obivously not a full comprehension, but hopefully provides some use. What are your experiences of listening in social media? Do you have any specific tools/skills or like/dislikes when you follow.

If you need a hand with social media, why not give us a call or check out our social media sections of the website!

Read OR Listen?
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One thought on “Listening & Talking”

  1. Tim Barlow says:

    Good post Jon.nn”I personally donu2019t believe anyone can effectively listen to 800 people in a room”nnYou might want to look up a concept called the Dunbar Number which suggests 150 is the max.nnThere’s plenty of debate about whether social media makes it easier to maintain relationships and therefore the number should be bigger. I’m on the fence as to whether that is practical or not.nnI’m just over 150 on people I follow on Twitter and do feel I am pushing against a limit of sorts but tools like Feedera certainly provide an argument for higher numbers.

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