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Optimising your business profile and presence for local searches is becoming an ever-increasingly important factor in building your search-engine presence.

It’s a local thing

To ensure you’re showing up in the map searches, which often have great prominence in search results, one thing you’ll want to be getting right is your business category. These are entered when you’re setting up Google Local Business Centre listings. Get your category placement correct and you’ll show up in relevant searches, get it wrong and you could be nowhere!

I saw a tweet recently (from Daily SEO Tip, apologies I can’t remember who retweeted to my attention) linking to a new tool that shows exactly how your market is segmented into categories, enabling you to pick the most relevant. Unfortunately it’s currently U.S. only, but I’m sure we’ll tell you more about it as soon as it’s available in the UK!

Link: Choose the Correct Local Listing Categories | Daily SEO Tip.

Local Business Centre SEO

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