Local Search Roundup – July 2011

Here’s my recap on what’s been important in Local Search this month.

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It’s all about the reviews: Google overhauls Places pages.

Google has recently overhauled its Places pages as it pushes its own reviews.  Those familiar with Places will remember the previous reliance on 3rd party citations and reviews; however continual criticism of unfair practices and their new focus on reviews actually held on Google has moved them to adopt a new listing strategy. Full Article


10 top tips for local optimisation

Can’t find your business? Needing some further direction in your local optimisation? Fear not, here’s a insightful post on the top 10 optimisation tips for improving your local rankings. Full Article


Bing Business Portal (BBP) image control

Sick of getting your brand image automatically cropped in listings? BBP has come up with a cool feature that allows you to control and emphasise portal photos – no more decapitation for Bing users. Full Article


New Android local functionality

We recently learned that those privileged enough to own an Android phone can now have access to a load of cool features like uploading images to places, descriptive search terms in search results and ‘check-ins’ for those fast-paced lives.  Full Article


Timeline for listing a new business

Local listing guru Mike Blumenthals released a cracking ‘back to basics’ post that’s a must read for all Google Place users.  Full Article


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2 thoughts on “Local Search Roundup – July 2011”

  1. Kiril Bunin says:

    I think it’s important to mention that the citations got recently removed. It was pretty clear that the citations were pretty closeu00a0substitutesu00a0of links for the Local SEO so by removing them from the actual listing Google has seriously complicated the “local linkbuilding” tactics. Any idea on what factors/signals can we use now trying tou00a0optimiseu00a0for local?

    • Thanks for the comment Kiril – Yes, the removal of citations is a massive factor in a local SEO strategy (apologies if this wasn’t clear). nI read a post from Seonext (http://tinyurl.com/3bxffav) that talked about options for SEOs to conduct research into citations still. nnOverall though I think that it is a little too early to see the direct impact of these changes in the results for clients – we haven’t really seen any change in rankings so perhaps reviews have become less important in Google’s eyes for the moment. Time will tell & we’re monitoring rankings for clients and competitors to see the direct impact of these changes.

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