Make Your Display Ads Better Than Your Competitors

I am used to seeing display ads all the time, well pretty much every time I do a search on Google, so have therefore become a bit immune to them. However I was browsing the web one day and a display ad caught my eye, it was one by travel brand Expedia.

It was different from your standard display ad as it provided me with a fact before ending on its final call to action screen. It made me aware that ‘3000 euros are thrown in the Trevi fountain everyday’. I thought this was a good way of engaging with your audience and is something that could be used easily for other clients. Here is the Expedia ad in question.


This ad inspired me to do a bit of investigating to see what other brands are doing to make display advertising more exciting and engaging. Behold, my advice for making your ads more appealing to your target audience:


1. Add facts

Like Expedia above provide people with new, unknown fun facts or information. After all, who doesn’t enjoy learning new facts that could come in handy at your next game of pub quiz?


2. Don’t be restricted by size

These ads by Ikea and Adidas are a fun and interactive way for people to engage with your brand. In the Ikea ad you start off with the box at the side and you have to to drag items over to the centre of the screen to construct the ad. This is a nice way of them showing how their products are delivered. With the Adidas ad you are able to draw a path for the runner and it creates illustrated scenes off the back of that.

It is a very visual and interactive ad where the interaction and enjoyment level means that you forget it’s an ad all together!





3. Get a message across

You could use display advertising as a way of getting across a specific message that you want to be associated with your brand or company. For example car companies such as Fiat and Nissan have used display advertising as a way of promoting driving safety, something that they believe strongly in and align with their brand. Nissan encouraging people to wear a seat belt and Fiat with the dangers of drink driving.




4. Try using the other senses

Display ads rely heavily on the visual, as you’d expect, however it might be a good idea to incorporate and consider the other senses. Sound seems like the most obvious choice, Barcardi have capatilised on this with this ad, that allows you to play around and create music via the ad. Which if you ask me is pretty cool!



These are just a few of the things you can do to make your display ads a little bit more interesting. Let us know if you have come across any good ads lately, it would be great to hear what it was about them that caught your eye.

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