March Month In Numbers

We are now into March so Spring has finally sprung. And here in Edinburgh we are all preparing for a bright year ahead.

1 Million

360 degree Videos have been posted to Facebook thus far. Confirming that video will be the main driver of everything this year. As a result budding directors now need to get into their chairs and start shooting the action, ‘if you’re not filming it, it didn’t happen’ will be the motto of 2017.  Organisations are now falling over themselves in the push towards delivering an accessible platform to produce quality content, check out this new app from Samsung


Snapchat has seen monumental growth after its initial IPO, increasing the value of the company by $9 Billion on its first day of trading. Not bad for a company that has never even been close to posting a profit. 

£175 Million

French advertising giant Havas spent this amount annually on Google advertising across all platforms. They are now seeking (along with others) assurances from Google that its platforms will allow them to show advertising on suitable content. This has meant Google are currently working their butts off trying to fix this. And consequently, we will be looking towards more targeted display advertising in future. As a result, we have something that will benefit everyone.


The number of singles Ed Sheeran has in the current top 20 charts. Something which seems a bit ridiculous. It would appear that music streams are being given too much value, it is the difference between soft and hard conversions. The battle for attribution modelling is happening everywhere.

£1 Billion

The amount that us Brits are going to spend in the 2 weeks leading up to Mothers Day ( in case you have forgotten). UK kids are lacking in any sort of imagination as data shows that we are bound to household gifts. With kitchen and laundry equipment high on our list. Get more imaginative people, your mothers deserve it.

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