March Month In Numbers

So not much has happened in March, we have heard nothing about Facebook, or data, not a peep. So I guess we can just let this month drift into the annals of history as the month that social media forgot…

Well okay, there may be the small matter of a little data company taking some information, that might have then been used, in a hypothetically unethical manner to influence the outcome of some unconfirmed voting scenarios. So let’s try and break down some of those figures.

50 Million

Facebook user profiles that were harvested after completing an online quiz. These were then matched to the electoral roles and an algorithm was built to determine personality traits that could be linked to voting behaviour. Facebook has been dragged over hot coals over this, data and privacy have now been brought into the spotlight.

$50 Billion

The concurrent drop in the value of the social media Behemoth that came out of the resulting data breach. Don’t expect Mark to be getting the next round in.


Coming of the Facebook topic now, and on to everyone’s favourite conversational piece, GDPR. As it turns out only 6% of companies have stated that they are ready for the new regulations coming in May.

6 Million

The number of queries answered by ICICI Bank through their chatbot since it’s launch in 2017.

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