Mass Effect 3: Facebook Ads Fail

On this momentous occasion, the European launch of Bioware’s latest instalment in the Mass Effect trilogy, we were disappointed to see an opportunity for promotion so wasted. In fact, we almost didn’t even notice the ad, as Mass Effect 2 has been out for 2 years now.

Seems a pretty terrible typo doesn’t it? But in fact it wasn’t a typo at all. You see the ad is actually from the Mass Effect 2 Facebook page which has recently been taken over with promotion for the third game, and as it’s promoting that page the headline is automatically being generated with the title of the page.

To get around this, they could have created a separate Facebook page for Mass Effect 3 and ran the ads through that, or even used the Facebook page’s URL as the click-through URL of the ad, as if it was going to an external site. Aside from looking like a serious balls-up to anyone not familiar with how Facebook Ads for Pages pre-populates the ad’s titles, it’s bound to be ignored – meaning less clicks and ultimately a higher cost for the ones that do click through.

However we feel a bit sorry for Mass Effect 3, so thought we’d throw in the trailer below as well. Mass Effect 3 is OUT NOW!

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