May Month In Numbers

It’s that time again when we take a look back at all the interesting numbers that effected the past month.

$13.7 billion

Amazon are set to continue to dominate the retail sector with a move to buy wholefoods for a whopping $13.7 Billion.


This is the percentage of consumers that abandoned a brand because of a lack of a connection between that brand’s values and their own.

£2 billion

Depressingly, this is the amount that Brits have already spent on Christmas 2017.


This percentage of Leisure travellers read at least 7 reviews before they book their holidays, how much effort do you put into your reviews. It’s all about the service!

$122.1 billion

The amount that is going to be spent on display advertising in 2019, this would see a growth of 85% from 2015-2019, have you got your display strategy in order?

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