Misspellings good for Business?

I’m supposed to have been on holiday this week but another invite to a Vistage Group presentation in Newcastle tempted me away from a relaxing week in Cumbria to listen to Guy Levine talking about web strategy basics.

Guy has an excellent manner of pulling apart websites constructively and inoffensively (well ok, I’m still smarting a bit).

One section of the workshop focused on words that sell.

Guy gave an example of a site with a couple of spelling mistakes that was generating 18 leads a week. The mistakes were removed and the weekly leads dropped to 14. When the misspellings were put back in, the number went back up to 18 again.

Interesting! So what are we supposed to take away from this?

Well it definitely is not that spelling mistakes increase conversions (there are no shortage of examples of where removing misspellings have led to improved conversion).

To me it is a simple reminder that conversion science is an inexact one. No expert, however good, is going to get everything right.

So keep trying out different approaches, test and refine. Don’t be surprised about being surprised.

Whilst on the subject of misspellings, one of the websites we reviewed in the workshop featured the line ”…lick the logo in the top left to return to the group website”. Well, we tried it, it didn’t work and frankly didn’t taste all that great either.

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