Mobile Roundup – April 2011

What’s been the news in the on-the-move world of mobile during April?


10m UK consumers use mobile commerce

23% of UK online consumers conducted some kind of mobile transaction last year but 83% experienced a problem, suggesting that mobile usability needs to improve. >>> Full article


Google introduces new mobile privacy controls

Google are providing the option to opt-out of more precise ad targeting and to protect against collection of ‘personally identifiable information’. >>> Full article


Survey reveals retailers aren’t ready for mobile commerce

Despite most UK retailers being very confident that mobile commerce will become as popular as e-commerce, only 16% have a strategy in place and 28% have no plans to implement one. >>> Full article


iPhones are tracking your location history

Two security researchers found that Apple’s iPhone stores information about a user’s information and time-stamp of that location, saving it to the phone and even on a user’s computer if sync or back up using iTunes. >>> Full article


LinkedIn mobile app finally arrives on Android

LinkedIn launched a fully-featured Android app following the restricted beta in December 2010, addressing the huge demand and now giving them app coverage across all the major smartphone platforms. >>> Full article


50% of those exposed to mobile adverts take action (including purchasing)

Google’s recent US study has displayed how much people now rely on smartphones across a range of interests and needs, and also  that users respond to traditional media ads with smartphone searches. >>> Full article

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