Month in Numbers – April 2012

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Easter eggs, bank holidays, marathons, rain showers…and some fairly interesting numbers from the big internet marketing melting pot. It’s month in numbers o’clock – here’s what April had on offer stats-wise:


A survey by internet statsmongers E-consultancy reports that this is the percentage of online businesses that have carried out a cookie audit in advance of the upcoming enforcement period of the EU Cookie Directive (from 26 May websites must gain consent from their visitors to use cookies). Crumbs! Sounds a bit scary, but cue shameless plug: Attacat have built a simple cookie audit tool, minus confusing bells and whistles, to help website owners work towards complying with the Directive. And it’s free!



According to survey Branded3, this is the number of tweets needed by brands to rank in the top 5 results on search engines. An interesting stat around the hot topic of the role of social signals as a ranking factor, BUT I would say that this one has to be taken with a really, really big pinch of salt – there might be a correlation between tweets and ranks, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the first actually influenced the second. This SEOmoz blogpost looks into this issue further, with some interesting takeaways.



A pretty tidy figure, but the number of monthly active users on Pinterest is actually down from March’s 11.3 million. So does this mean Pinterest is passé? “Probably not” say Business Insider; more likely these decreasing numbers can be accounted for by the flash-in-the-pan types who hopped onto the bandwagon during the recent burst of coverage and have since abandoned ship now they’ve decided the site isn’t quite their cup of tea. Marketing and communications blogger Mitch Joel has also been chewing over the drop in numbers, and you can read his take on it all here.


14.8 billion

This is the amount in dollars that search advertising brought in in 2011, up 27 % from 2012, with online advertising as whole showing a 22% growth rate. Check out this and other interesting stats on search from this Search Engine Land article.



This is the number of searches that show rel=author mark-up within the first 100 search results according to a new study, backing up predictions of SEO pundits that Google will increasingly draw on authorship as a signal for its algorithm (as blogged about by my colleague Joel at last month’s Link Love conference – if you’re new to the concept of authorship markup, check out this Google blogpost to get up to speed).


125 billion

So much love in the world (aww); this is the number of friendships hosted by that scrappy lil’ start-up Facebook. Read more on this and other interesting FB numbers from Jeff Bullas’ Facebook facts and figures spreadsheet.



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