Month in Numbers: April 2013

Its Month In Numbers o’clock  and April certainly felt chock full of them! With many of the Attacat team going to Digital 2013 and MediaCom  we’re soaked in numbers and stats and below are some of the numbers that April had to offer:


The number of hours spent on a PC online per month in the UK by consumers, the highest of all EU consumers analysed. Movies and Job Search are the fastest growing search categories. Social media consumed 6.5 hours a month of people’s time online.


The number of social media accounts that NASA has spread across multiple social networks – and I thought I was juggling a few! Rather than managing them all from one hub, they are managed from 10 field centres, each one working with the staff (engineers/scientists) who are hands-on with the projects that they are sharing news about on the social networks.


During 2012 the internet audience aged over 55 years old grew by this amount to 9.1 million users making up 20.4% of the UK internet audience, now the largest proportion. The total time spent online for these silver surfers even grew by 25%.


The percentage of the UK’s top 175 print media digital sites that display effectively on a smart phones and tablets. The further 68% are missing out on a slice of the estimated £526 million annual spend on mobile advertising by not offering digital sites. Women’s weekly magazines were the largest sector that did not have a digital site with 78% not having one.


The number of social logins that are for Facebook, this is a drop of 3% from Q4 2012 while Google+’s share increased by exactly the same 3% – this is the second consecutive quarter that Facebook has lost ground to Google.


Around a quarter of UK adults cannot tell the difference between piracy websites and legitimate de-branded web pages in a YouGov survey of over 2,000 adults. Pretty scary when 21% of them revealed that they have encountered a virus that has effected their computer from using pirate sites.


Looking into the social media storm surrounding Margaret Thatchers death, in the first 12 hours after her death 19% of mentions had positive sentiments, 43% of mentions were negative, and 39% were neutral. However, the most retweeted tweet on the subject of her death was from Barack Obama who had 11,448 retweets in the first 12 hours.  The USA was also the second most active country behind Britain in the discussions on social media.


Almost ¾ of businesses (74%) believe that the user experience is key for improving sales and conversions according to data in the Econsultancy and WhatUsersDo User Experience Survey. The key benefits for companies was also asked, and the two mostly commonly listed response in the survey was to improve and evidence decision making (68%) and to remove guesswork out of the design process (66%).


This is the percentage of online content that will be hidden behind paywalls in the next three years according to a study by Simon-Kucher & Partners. It also claimed that 27% of media companies expected a significant shift in profit margin increase over the same period bringing an end to the current ‘free-for-all’ culture.

19 billion

The number of messages sent per day on chat apps in 2012 compared with 17.6 billion SMS texts meaning for the first time, chat apps such as WhatsApp have taken over the traditional text. Due to the popularity of chat apps more than £15billion was lost in SMS revenue. It is projected that by 2014 nearly 50 billion messages will be sent per day.


Survey into hashtags found that 50.6% of consumers would share a brands product within their social network if the advertisers awarded discounts. Hashtags most common use was for identifying trends (30%) however 20% of consumers believe that they are also useful for finding out information on brands and products and they are most commonly used on a mobile device.

69 million

The number of PC’s shipped to China in 2012, which makes it the largest market for them in the world. China also has the world’s biggest internet market with more than 500 million users. Sales of laptops and PC’s are evenly spilt in China,  in developed markets laptops are the fastest rising sector.


That’s all from the April’s round up folks, join us next time for May’s Month In Numbers post. In the meantime, if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below – you know how we love to hear your thoughts!

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One thought on “Month in Numbers: April 2013”

  1. Love those numbers… I certainly seem to be spending more and more time on the pc these days, I reckon probably 37+ hours a week for me! I definitely concur with the stat about Facebook/Google+, I have see an uptake in general interest of G+ with friends and associates. Probably due to Google now supplying author stats in search results. Looking forward to what May reveals.

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