Month In Numbers: August 2013

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After a month of Edinburgh Festival partaking, fabulous late nights, and summer fun that August brings to the city, it is time to begin the slow path into Autumn (much to Attacat Steve’s joy). So to kick off September, lets eeek out the very last of August’s greatness by looking at the numbers it gave us.

This percentage of online adults are social networking site users which is up from 67% in the same time last year according to a study by the Pew Research Center in America. It also showed that 6 out of 10 internet users aged 50-64 are social networking site users, as are 43% of those aged 65+. Adoption rate of social networking in this older bracket has tripled in the last four years.

According to research from Jumptag, this month showed mobile adverts with four words or less receive on average this percentage more clicks. It also showed that ads with 3 colours or less receive 9% more clicks than those with 3 or more colours – so be conservative with your colours! It also showed that the use of an image of a person in an advert draws 20% more clicks than ones without a person.

Big news at the start of this month included the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor Who. One in every 300 searches in the UK on the 4th of August included the word ‘doctor’ while one in every 340 included the word ‘Capaldi’.
1% of all searches were linked to the Doctor matching the search volume accounted for when Jessica Ennis won Gold at 2012 Olympic Games.
The announcement was made during a BBC One show which drew 6.9m viewers. Fans went wild; the Doctor Who website crashed, 800m tweets were sent around #DoctorWho and #PeterCapaldi while 89.4% of all conversation on Twitter during transmission was about the show.

This is the average percentage of your Facebook friends that see your posts on Facebook according to a Stanford University study. Not surprisingly, posts that did not receive any likes or comments tend to be seen by less friends (28.9%), interestingly the study also showed the actual audiences for user posts on Facebook are larger than anyone might assume them to be.
Month in numbers aug 13 - facebook posts
20 million
The UK now has a whopping 20 million mobile gamers and 6.2 million who play on their smart phones almost every day according to comSore. This huge number has in fact nearly doubled since 2011 with the split of males to females almost equal.
As a mobile activity, mobile gaming is as popular as photo messaging and sits only just behind weather, news and search (21m each). The living room is in fact the most popular place to play mobile games with 64% of people settling on the sofa for some good gaming time.

It seems that every Month In Numbers blog post has a new higher percentage of how Andriod is further dominating the smartphone market. According to the latest data from IDC this month, Android now controls 79.3% of the global smartphone market up from 69.1% a year ago. Apple, meanwhile, hold only 13.2%.

Fresh information from the Office for National Statistics found that 36million UK adults (73% of the population) log onto the web every day. Though this is a massive increase of 20m people in the last 7 years, 17% of households still have no internet access at all. The study also found 72% of adults purchase goods and services online compared to 58% who did in 2008.

Thomson Holidays topped the most Socially Devoted list in the UK on Facebook for Q2 of 2013 with a response rate to posts of 96.96% and an average response time of 170 minutes. The top 5 brands in the UK category, according the SocialBakers, were Thomson Holiday, Virgin Media, EE, Sky and T-Mobile UK. Worldwide KLM topped the charts with a response time of just 45 minutes and a response rate of 97.21%.
Overall, brands improves their response rate by 143% on Facebook over the last year with airlines ranking the best at showing their devotion to customers on social media at least!

One third of ad dollars spent online go to Google. Following on from this, the largest ad spends online go to Facebook ($6.4b), Yahoo ($3.5b) and Microsoft ($2.9b).
In total, online ad spending in 2013 totalled a massive $117.6 billion up 13% from last year.

This is the increase in cost per click (CPC) of Google’s Product Listing Ad’s (PLA’S) since last year according to research from Marin Software. The report also showed that shoppers find PLAs more attractive than standard text ads and PLA click through rates (CTRs) have remained higher than standard text adverts since the end of 2012.

During the peak of our summer weather, demand for air conditioning and air cooling units increased by 200%, searches for Dyson fans increased by 236%, and BBQ demand increased by 40%. The effect of the hotter weather shone through in the Hot Shops August 2013 – a list of the UK’s most visited retail sites. The biggest risers this quarter were Netflix (=16 places), ASDA Direct (+13), Halfords (+11) and Currys (+9).
Hot Shops August 2013 - MIN AUG 2013

It seems like ages ago since we last talked about the EU Cookie Law on Month In Numbers yet over a year on from it being introduced it is still rolling in a whole load of numbers. Results from Deloitte UK’s study shows that fewer people said they were aware of companies data collection efforts through cookies than in 2012 when the law came into place . In total 47% of people polled had never even heard of the EU Cookie Law. In response to cookie banners specifically, 56% of those surveyed said that they just accepted or agreed to the sites use of cookies, ignored the notice and simply carried on.

That’s all folks! Join us next time for September’s Month In Numbers rundown. In the meantime, if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below – you know how we love to hear your thoughts!

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