Month in Numbers: August 2015

Attacat’s hometown, Edinburgh was taken over by the annual Fringe Festival in August however we didn’t let this take our attention away from the world of digital marketing. August’s Month in Numbers takes a look at the ever-growing ‘internet of things’, ad blocking differences across devices and Dr. Dre’s meme generator (please keep reading).

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Half of all mobile internet sessions can be attributed to the consumption of video content. This statistic has sparked calls from the internet marketing community to increase the spend on video content in marketing strategies. Statistical support for the increased focus on video content is abundant including the fact that 55% of internet users watch videos every day with experts tipping this figure to reach a staggering 79% by 2018. Furthermore, research suggests that the effective use of video in content strategies can increase click-through rates by 65% and reduce unsubscription by 26%. Before you bolt off and start filming, it’s important to keep in mind that the production and sharing of videos with strategic intent and tight, consistent links to your brand messaging will be most effective.



The number of Instagram pictures posted with the hashtag, ‘straightoutta’ in the first 3 days after Dr. Dre released Straight Outta Compton. For those unaware, a meme generator was used to build organic awareness of the record’s release by allowing users to generate comedic custom memes in the same vain as the album’s cover art and then share them on social media. A simple, effective idea made easy (and socially attractive) to share on social media platforms that generated huge awareness for the album’s release. Further evidence that Instagram can be an effective social media channel.


internet of thingsImage courtesy of Firmbee

4.9 billion

The internet of things is growing faster than our ability to secure it.

A concerning thought when you consider 4.9 billion personal devices are currently contributing to the synchronous future promised by the ‘internet of things’. Don’t be alarmed – its safety is improving as quickly as the rate of jobs in cyber security is rising. For those unaware, the internet of things refers to the synchronisation of internet connected devices and platforms which enable users to automate a wide range of daily tasks. A simple example of the tasks currently being automated includes automatically turning your home’s heating on if the outside temperature falls below a specified ‘trigger’ point. The applications of this technology are becoming increasingly powerful and will undoubtedly continue to prove more useful to everyone who owns internet connected devices (just about everyone, right?). If you’re interested in automating the world around you, we recommend checking out one of our team’s favourite internet of things automation platforms, IFTTT.



The proportion of 18 to 34 year-olds who believe that the relevancy of online advertising is improving. Not that impressive, right? With the tools currently available to digital marketers, I would have expected a larger percentage of consumers reporting a higher relevancy of ads targeted to them. Research suggests that the perception of online ad relevancy is inversely related to age which experts suggest could be due to cynicism in older consumers – 41% of 55+ year-olds believe nothing can be done to make them respond positively to advertisements.

mobile advertising

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The proportion of smartphone users who currently have ad blockers installed on their mobile devices. Compare this to 24% of desktops and laptops with ad blocking technology and you can see why mobile advertising is becoming increasingly attractive to internet marketers. If you’re interested in learning more about optimising your website for mobile devices, we’d love to have a chat.

That’s it for August’s Month in Numbers. We hope you’ve enjoyed catching up on some of last month’s most intriguing digital marketing statistics and invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned to The Brain for more internesting (get it?) posts from the Attacat team in September!

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