Month in Numbers: December 2014

Happy New Year folks!

Monday, January 5th, back to normality. To help ease you back into your usual routine (boo), here’s your ever punctual Month in Numbers for December. This month, can you guess the most unsubscribed from email sender? How about the most loved brand on Twitter? That and more in this edition of our Month in Numbers series.


Heard of Unroll.Me? No? They’re seriously awesome. Unroll.Me is a great service that simplifies your inbox by telling you all the emails you’re subscribed to and thereafter allowing you to automatically unsubscribe from them using their system. Their Spammy Awards looks at the services that are most often unsubscribed from. spammy awards

Topping the charts was StumbleUpon which had an unsubscribe rate of 51%, ouch! Also in the firing line was SlideShare and Monster. They also did awards for services that send the most frequent emails. LivingSocial came top here, sending a staggering 285 emails on average per user. Groupon, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were also mentioned.


According to Google’s 2014 Financial Table, only 30% of Google’s annual revenue in 2014 was driven from the Google Display Network. The majority of this 30% is attributed to Remarketing campaigns.


According to a report conduced by Econsultancy and Redeye, 38% of marketers audited do not use personalisation. We’ve seen great success with personalisation when used for our clients, so we want to scream to them: “what are you doing??”. Personalisation can be inexpensive and relatively easy to set up and manage; there’s no reason not to be implementing personalisation into your marketing plan, really.


Hootsuite has dubbed MTV the most ‘loved brand on Twitter, with a “love” score of 98.829 out of 100. Hootsuite uses their Love List to illustrate brand love, each month the Love List indexes 450 of the world’s top brands, using key metrics of social analysis to measure the reaction to brands across the social web.

hootsuite love list

Brands such as Disney, Starbucks, Subway and Chanel were also in the top 10.


Realeyes, a company specialising in the measurement of emotions through webcams, surveyed 1500 people for a Christmas-ad related experiment. They watched these people’s emotions as they watched a selection of 2014 Christmas ads to identify which ones sparked the most emotion and thus had the most impact.

The results were somewhat predictable; Monty the Penguin from the infamous John Lewis came up trumps, scoring 84% (a combined measurement of how the ad scores on attraction, retention, engagement and impact).

The ad actually scored in the top 16% of all ads ever surveyed by Realeyes, so pretty emotional stuff it seems!


Do you remember us talking about Ello back in 2014? The first ‘ad free’ social network launched back in March, rolling out sign-up invitations on a staggered basis. According to recent statistics, only 25% of users are still active 6 days after sign-up.


After officially launching in March it’s engagement peaked in September before gradually starting to drop off. Ello says it’s early days and insist that user engagement grows month on month. Reports indicate that Ello’s sign-up figures have outstripped Instagram when it launched back in 2011, so it can’t all be bad!

And that’s it for 2014! What does 2015 have in store? Who knows! Stay tuned to find out.




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