Month in Numbers: December 2015

That’s a wrap for 2015. For those having withdrawals from the year that was, you’re in luck as we still have a month’s worth of digital marketing statistics to crawl through (get it?). Black Friday stats became available early in December along with a range of Christmas shopping trends. We’ve also stumbled across, and have the pleasure of sharing with you, a few digital statistics that topped the engagement list for 2015.

smart phone

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Less than a third of shoppers used Black Friday to purchase gifts solely for people other than themselves. The majority of those who snapped up deals (63%), on the other hand, used the shopping-crazed weekend predominantly with self-splurging agendas (myself included). More surprisingly, it’s been reported that 73% of the population didn’t make a non-routine purchase across the sale period. Mobile phones saw the largest growth in comparison to Black Friday 2014, with an 88% uplift in transactions, and 105% increase in consumer spend! Mobile has officially arrived and continues to grow faster than expected.



2015’s final count of marketers who include SEO as part of their marketing strategy. It’s great to see that SEO remains on the radar of such a large percentage of marketers around the world. The same article, which outlines some of the top digital marketing statistics of 2015, states that the average smartphone user spends 2hrs per day on their mobile device. Furthermore, 73% of internet users leave a website if they perceive the design to be poor, with this effect surely heightened on mobile devices due their limited functionality relative to desktops. If you think your site could use a bit of a refresh, we’d love to chat.


woman with smartphone

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The portion of consumers who check emails on their mobile devices. As such, it’s super important to ensure all email communication with your customers are optimised for mobile. These considerations include having simple, easy to tap call-to-actions and quick rendering content. In terms of interacting with emails on mobile devices, consumers are peeved most when:

  • The text is too small to read, requiring them to zoom and scroll across the page
  • Clicking a link sends them to a website that isn’t optimised for mobiles
  • The email isn’t visually appealing on their mobile device

It’s also worth thinking about the email provider and their functionality limitations. For example, Gmail and Outlook will show emails differently, it’s worth knowing how.


3 in 10

The portion of online consumers who actively snubbed independent e-commerce websites when doing their Christmas shopping. The main concerns of those who avoided the little guys at Christmas related to the perceived gap in website experience. The most important factors for online transactions (particularly at Christmas) include flexibility with dates of delivery, stock availability and clear, lenient return policies. It makes sense really, and gives independent e-retailers clear areas of focus for improvement in order to compete.


google search

Image courtesy of Pixabay

100 billion

The number of searches performed on Google every month, more than half of which are performed on (you guessed it) mobile devices. Furthermore, somewhere between 15-20% of queries each day have never been searched for before.

That’s it for Month in Numbers in 2015. We hope you’re looking forward to a new year packed full of interesting digital marketing as much as we are. Happy new year from the team at Attacat 🙂

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