Month in Numbers – February 2012

Ah, February 2012: the month of Valentine’s day, pancakes and of course, the leap year-tastic number 29. A much-cited but underwhelming number in my opinion – I found these stats from last month altogether more interesting…


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According to Mashable, the percentage of economic growth in developed nations attributable to the Internet. More than energy, agriculture or mining. Full article.



It’s early in the year, but e-commerce sites need to keep their eye on the Christmas prize. This is the percentage of internet shoppers who plan to spend more online in December 2012 than they did in December 2011. Full article.



Pinterest may be under a microscope over copyright issues at the moment, but it’s not going away anytime soon. This is the number of minutes on average the Pinterest user spends per month on the online scrapbooking site. Full article.



As a major aficionado, I couldn’t resist squeezing in another cheeky Pinterest stat… this is apparently the percentage of male users of the site in the UK, vs. 44% female… although it’s safe to say that none of them are located in the Attacat office. Full article.



The number of new Google+ pages created by a “top brand” in the past two months, according to social media analytics firm Simply Measured, indicating slow adoption and confusion over how to use the social network as a marketing channel. But… top brands follower lift was up 1400% in February and brands may need to get savvy quickly when engaging with Google+ (if you haven’t yet hopped onto the bandwagon, find out why you should be in Tim’s January SEO roundup). Full article.


1 billion

It’s hardly breaking news, but mobile really does matter – and will become more and more important. Here’s the number of people, according to the giant brains over at the Google patch who will use Mobile as their primary internet access point in 2012. Full article.


And finally…



Turns out there’s something to all this search engine hoopla [Attacats breathe a sign of relief]. This is the number of UK visits to search engines in January, up from 2.2 billion in January 2011. Full article.


That’s all till next month folks. Remember if you come across an interesting stat, feel free to pop it in the comments section below!

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