Month in Numbers: February 2014

You’re right, it’s that time of the month again already and I’m pretty happy about it this month. March is a much better month than February in my mind; brighter mornings, longer evenings, more sunshine and there is generally more colour in the world. I do realise all these are weather related but hey we are based in Edinburgh and we start to get super bored of the cold and dark at this time of year.

February was a pretty big month for numbers, especially for the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp. You’ve probably already heard about this because it was, well, all over the news but we’ll recap anyway. We’ve gone pretty heavy on the digital marketing numbers this month but that’s purely because there’s loads out there at the moment.

291, 479

To get the ball rolling, this is the number of unique plays of Moz Whiteboard Friday videos. For those of you that don’t know Whiteboard Fridays are a series of videos that are published on Fridays (funnily enough) and include great tips and discussions presented by Rand and the gang over at Moz.

Moz Whiteboard Friday


I religiously watch these mostly because I tend to find video casts pretty annoying but Rand and the team manage to keep it short, snappy and relevant and don’t have cheese-grating voices. Give Whiteboard Fridays a go if you want to listen to some really clever guys talking about algorithms and other SEO-ey stuff.

2.4%, 1.8% and 0.73%

These are the average conversion rates by device. Can you guess which is which? Give up? Ok, 2.4% refers to the conversion rate on a desktop, 1.8% on an app and 0.73% on a mobile site. There is a general indication here that app users tend to be loyal customers and that almost 80% of app users are returning customers compared to 40% on mobile sites.


This is the total number of WordPress plugins currently available to use and purchase through the WordPress plugin store. On top of this 608,476,388 is the total number of downloads currently but don’t look away because this is on the rise every hour.


Wordpress plugin

WordPress is generally the preferred content management system by a large proportion of digital agencies, it’s certainly towards the top of our list and speaking of WordPress plugins, we’ve put together a handy, plain-English guide to our top WordPress plugins – check it out for further WordPress geekery.

$19 billion 

Yep, you guessed it, this is the biggest stat of the month. This is the price Facebook has paid for WhatsApp, the cross-platform mobile messaging app. It’s a pretty incredible amount I’m sure you’ll agree and to put it into perspective we found this insightful Tumblr blog on things that are cheaper than whatsapp.

My favourites include the 50 most expensive paintings ever sold and an MMR vaccine for every child in the world. When you think of it that way it’s pretty silly, right?


Little old Yahoo celebrated their 19th birthday on March 1st, can you believe? Google itself is only 15 years old. It’s pretty scary (depressing) to think that most of the major search engines of today are younger than 90% of people in the industry.


This one isn’t really that surprising really. 100 is the number of videos uploaded to YouTube every single minute. For more reference, 4 billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube. This is absolutely the reason more and more people are turning to advertise on YouTube, if you’ve got the right kind of business to do so you could do very well from it and it’s not just about driving direct revenue.

Institutes such as Berklee Music used YouTube advertising to enroll over 500 new students from across 40 different countries, check out their other success stories.


This is the average salary of 3,700 online marketers across the globe but you won’t be surprised to hear that almost 50% of these are located in the United States. The article also has some interesting stats about demographics of employees in the online marketing industry including salary splits against men and woman and age.


This is the percentage of 1.15 billion Google+ users that are actually active on a monthly basis, which seems pretty dreary if you ask me considering the number of users actively using other Google products such as Analytics and Google docs.

Google Products

Perhaps there’s a better way for them to integrate Google+ into their other products to encourage a bit more engagement… It’s a humdinger.

That’s us for this month! If you’ve seen any super exciting stats this month please do fill us in.

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