Month In Numbers – January 2012

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So dreich old January is thankfully done, and now that our arithmetic exertions are no longer being spent on post-Christmas calorie counting, we can happily sit down and trough our way through a big plate of biscuits, and statistical goodness. Tuck your napkin in, here’s some tasty stats cooked up in January’s big numbers kitchen…


A pretty impressive stat from the YouTube camp – this is the amount of video in years uploaded to the site every 10 days. Full article.


The percentage of web referral traffic that digital pinboard site Pinterest drove in January, a mere sniff behind Twitter’s 3.61%, indicating that the wunderkind network is living up to its (pretty major) hype, with the potential for great things in 2012. Full article.


This is the percentage of UK consumers who prefer printed vouchers to mobile ones, according to research by the Direct Marketing Association, showing that although mobile marketing grows ever apace, trust and user experience issues means it’s a nut that’s far from cracked. Full article.

402 000

But having said that, one for the mobile marketing corner – this is the number of iPhones sold globally per day, now more than the number of babies being born in the same period. Another nice “tot-al” for Apple! [everyone at Attacat dies of exposure to terrible puns] Full article.


The percentage of 18-35 year olds who go to Twitter or Facebook to first make a complaint about a company’s product or services (and a category I fall into myself). Full article.

13 million

A cheeky December-in-January stat, this is the number of hours British consumers spent shopping online on Boxing Day. This and other big e-commerce numbers from Christmas 2011 can be seen here. Full article.

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