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The Attacat Office is rejoicing the start of February and not missing January one bit with its healthy eating, calorie counting, gym going and no cocktails (for some). To celebrate the beginning of a new month we bring to you January’s stats which are, for such a horrible month, fabulous. So, sit down and tuck in, (contains no calories).



This is the number of users UK Facebook lost in December 2012. The UK was one of Facebook’s 10 busiest territories which saw a particularly dramatic seasonal fall. This fueled speculation that the site might be reaching saturation point in its core markets and it will now be increasingly dependent on the developing world for its continued growth. However, the site has just reported a 40% revenue growth as the rise of mobile usage of the site stood above web use for the first time ever.


27 million

According to Facebook, this is the number of people in the UK population that use Facebook each month and 19 million of these access it via a mobile device. In the UK people spend an average of 7 hours a month connecting through Facebook –  nearly a full working day!



Tablets now account for 18% of UK paid search clicks, this is nearly one fifth of all clicks in 2012 compared to just 13% on smartphones. Tablets also have a much higher conversion rate than smartphones.

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23 million

This is the massive drop in numbers of Instagram users due in part to the changes made to their Terms of Service at the end of last year which caused it to lose nearly half of its active numbers. Trouble was also caused by Twitter disabling the option to integrate with Instagram (embedding photos in tweets and using twitter lists to find people on Instagram). Despite this, Instagram say that they “continue to see strong and steady growth in both registered and active users of Instagram.”


168 million

This is the astonishing number of DVD’s that would be filled by the amount of information that is consumed on the internet per day globally. We send 294 million emails and post 2 million blog entries each day – that is a lot of reading!



Thanks largely to bumper Christmas sales, this is the percentage increase in visits to search engines in December 2012 compared to the same month in 2011. This makes December 2012 the biggest ever month for UK search. Google still have the largest proportion of searches; however, at the end of last year, their market share dropped to below 90% for the second month in a row while all others saw an increase.


£5 million

Along with being the most viewed and most ‘liked’ video now on YouTube, Psy’s Gangnam Style has now generated £5 million ($8 million) of YouTube’s advertising revenue since its release in the middle of last year. It earns $6.50 per 1000 streams and Psy will bag around half of that revenue, not a bad deal really!



This is number of British adults who would resent a company if they are bombarded with emails from them. Other key factors that make consumers resentful towards companies that could have once been their favourite include listing their name wrong (50%) and getting their gender wrong (40%) in their correspondences. Interestingly, 40% of people would not share personal details with a brand even for incentives such as discounts and personalised communications. It seems online consumers do not see the value of giving personal information to brands anymore and with so much choice, if a consumer feels they are not being provided the right value and relationship, they will quickly move on from the brand.



The percentage of internet users on Twitter – it has gained itself the distinction of being the fastest growing social platform in the world with an estimated 485m registered users. Around 59% of Twitter’s users are active on a monthly basis, up from 50% in the first half of 2012.


So that’s all from the first round up of 2013 folks, join us at the start of March for the February round up. In the meantime if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below  and we love to hear your thoughts!

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