Month In Numbers: January 2014

Can you believe we’re already a month into 2014? 2013 was a record breaking year in many ways and we saw an expected increase in internet usage, the number of companies advertising online and we continue to see the impact and rise of social networking and mobile dominance.

Have you finalised your marketing strategy for 2014? If not, probably worth taking some of the following stats into consideration.

Image courtesy of Sam Greenhalgh (ZapTheDingbat)
Image courtesy of Sam Greenhalgh (ZapTheDingbat)


According to a survey conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau 52% of British consumers have visited a price comparison website in the last 6 months. Further to this, 40% of the same audience visit a price comparison site every month.

80 billion

An infographic by Social Media Today has estimated that around £80 billion will be spent on new digital marketing collateral in 2014; that’s white papers, web content, visual and video aids, digital brochures and much much more. This piece fits in pretty nicely with the jigsaw that is content marketing and how important it is within the overall advertising strategy of a company.

There’s a huge case for personalised content marketing in 2014; creating content that is dynamically personalised to a particular experience or audience.


Econsultancy have released a report that indicates 89% of British internet users are worried about their online privacy. Some of the top reasons for worrying include the issue of businesses sharing their customer’s personal information with other companies, privacy policies of social networking sites and search engines (in particular Facebook and Google) and companies tracking customer’s locations via their smartphones.

Click and collect


Between the 20th and 23rd of December as much as 15% of UK grocery sales is thought to have been booked online. This compares with an lowly average of 5.5% throughout 2013. The same interesting article suggests that British consumers are OBSESSED with ‘click and collect’, with as much as a third of shoppers using ‘click and collect’ services and this is only expected to rise in the coming years.

Another interesting fact suggests that mobile continues to be king with over a third of online grocery orders through Tesco being ordered on a mobile device in the run-up to the Christmas period.


Jumping back on the mobile bandwagon, did you know 71% of users access their social media channels through their mobile? Herein lies the growing importance of mobile and app advertising and generally having a presence on social media. Considering that 72% of internet users actively use social media it’s a pretty good idea to have a presence there.

1 million

1 million dollars is the estimated revenue made by Candy Crush Saga every day, YES, EVERY SINGLE DAY! This estimation seems to have gone to Candy Crush Saga’s parent company King a little bit, so much so that they’ve greedily trademarked the word ‘candy’.


That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for next month’s installment of Month In Numbers, for now, cheerio!


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