Month in Numbers: January 2015

Welcome to 2015, can you believe the first month of the year has been and gone already? That’s one less month to better your online presence and blow your competitors out of water! This month we’re looking at what’s to come in 2015, the future of content marketing and British shopaholics, among other things.

Let’s get down to business.


content marketing, so hot right now22% of surveyed global marketers thought that the most exciting marketing opportunity for 2015 is customer experience. In terms of customer experience, the biggest opportunity here is…. you got it, PERSONALISATION.

Seriously, it’s not going away.

38% of the respondents believe that ‘omnichannel personalisation will become a reality in 2015’, if you haven’t deep dived into personalisation for your clients yet, mate you’re behind the times!


CVs and resume listings/profiles from the US illustrate that the term ‘content marketing’ is a much faster growing buzzword than ‘SEO’. Statistics show that in June 2013 there were 30,145 mentions of ‘content marketing’ on US resume profiles vs. 68,580 mentions in January 2015. That’s a 227.5% increase.

The report does add that SEO is still mentioned more frequently but the growth is definitely something to watch.


The latest US Consumer Device Preference Report shows that 66% of all emails in the US are opened/read on smartphones or tablets, leaving only 34% being viewed on desktops. Of that 66%, 49.5% of emails are opened on smartphones and 16.8% on tablets.

boy on his laptop


Digging even deeper, out of that 49.5% of smartphone opens, 58% of opens are done on an Apple device and only 7% on Android.

284 million

Twitter’s 284 million users will now be able to view their tweets in Google’s search results. Web engineers at Google and Twitter are working to allow Tweets to be more easily searched for in Google search results by automating the process of scanning content.


RetailMeNot disclosed that the average British shopper is expected to spend £1,174 online in 2015, that accumulates to £52.25 billion for the entirety of the UK. Here’s some more interesting stats:

  • 21.2 purchases per person
  • £55.36 spend per purchase
  • Apparently the British are the most frequent shoppers in Europe

What do the US, Spain, Germany and the UK have in common?


They’re all in the top 10 countries searched for in 2014, along with Italy, Turkey, France, Russia, India and Mexico. As you’d imagine, Cyber Monday played a big part ramping up online travel activity; the day saw a 92% increase in worldwide flight bookings overnight.


Cart-abandonment specialists Barilliane released an infographic in December surrounding Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Conventional wisdom says that a good conversion rate is anything between 2 and 5 percent. The average conversion rate of a site over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend was found to be 4.7% on desktops, 3.2% on tablets and 3.1% on mobiles. It seems that customers used their phones to research and their computer to purchase.

cart abandonment infographicThe infographic also reports  that cart abandonment rates are higher on mobile devices at 79% vs. 62% on desktops.

How does your website conversion rate stack up to the national averages? Can you benefit from Twitter’s feed being automated in Google search results? What do you foresee being the biggest marketing opportunities in 2015 and beyond? These are all questions you should be asking yourself after reading January’s Month in Numbers.

That’s all for now folks, stay tuned for next month’s stats.

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