Month in Numbers: January 2016

Welcome to a brand new year of digital marketing statistics. This month we’ve gone for a pretty heavy focus on video and social media, which are hotter topics than ever around the office (and indeed in the wider digital marketing community).

12bn hours of Netflix

Up from 8.25bn hours in Q3 2015, Netflix users streamed more than 12bn hours of video in Q4. I can take personal responsibility for at least 1bn of these, consuming Netflix content on my phone, laptop and TV hooked up through my PS4. They continue to make it is easier to spend time on their platform with never ending integrations and fewer hurdles to jump while using their service. This quarterly rise in Netflix video consumption coincided with a 69% year-on-year uplift. In other online video consumption news, Twitter-owned live streaming service, Periscope, reached 100 million broadcasts in 10 months while Snapchat tipped 7 billion video uploads per day. Get on the video train.



Social media spend x2

The slice of pie currently owned by social media in marketing budgets is set to double by 2020. It’s had our attention for some time here at Attacat, now more than ever with just about everyone scrambling to learn the ins and outs of Facebook Business Manager, in particular. Facebook is certainly getting savvier in terms of audience targeting and we’re starting to see the potential impact this can have in terms of sales, remarketing and generating leads. The big social media players have positioned themselves nicely to benefit alongside their advertisers, with a cool $9.8 billion advertising revenue predicted in the US alone for 2016.
video drone

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Drone army, 180,000 strong

Back to video now with game-changing drones currently calling the shots. 180,000 privately owned unmanned aircraft have been registered in the US, with UK figures, while nowhere near those of the US, continuing to grow quickly. The huge barrier to entry in terms of capturing aerial video has vanished completely. Amateur photographers the world over are keeping drones on back order, all the while capturing breathtaking aerial videos and still shots – the great majority of which we’ve never seen anything like before. Their application to online video advertising is still being realised, with the potential being huge!

41% increase in video ad spend

A combination now of the 3 biggest buzz areas of modern digital marketing – video, social media and mobile. Video advertising spend on Facebook saw a 41% quarterly increase in Q4 2015. Spend targeted solely to mobile devices underwent slightly larger growth, with 44% more spend for the same time period. Huge growth that’s expected to continue as more advertisers jump onboard.

social media

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Social media most difficult channel for 50% of marketers

Half of digital marketers believe social media is the most difficult channel to get their heads around. Combine this with 43% of them believing it has the potential to be the most effective digital channel and you’ve got something that’s ripe for the picking (for the savvy social marketer, that is). Lucky for us, we’ve got a social media expert among us who continues to share his knowledge with the team.

Thanks for making it through another edition of Month in Numbers. Stay tuned to The Brain this month for a range of great posts from the team including a run down on avoiding digital image copyright violations from the head of SEO, Joel “The Process” Lumsden.

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