Month in Numbers: July 2015

Another month has gone by which gives us 31 days worth of fresh digital marketing statistics to unpack (hooray!). The July 2015 edition of our Month in Numbers series takes a look at Instagram’s advertising revenue, how facial recognition software could be used to tailor your bricks and mortar experience and how social media can enhance your productivity.


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Apparently, this is the going rate for a bag of air – New York air, at least. An entrepreneurial (or simply lucky) Brooklynite listed a ziploc bag filled with “Williamsburg Air” on Ebay at the start of July. The first bid was placed at a seemingly exorbitant $40, only for the bidding war to escalate in the coming days and reach a monumental $20,000! The seller was forced to remove the item from his profile due to it being in violation of Ebay’s selling policies. Rumour has it that the seller is still taking private bids, so you’re still in with a chance if you fancy getting your hands on some genuine New York air.



The portion of consumers who find the idea of being greeted by name when entering a physical shopfront ‘creepy’. A recent UK study on in-store experience personalisation has indicated that customers would welcome product recommendations but would feel uneasy about more advanced personalisation efforts. Innovative digital marketers are currently exploring the applications of in-store personalisation based on info gathered from our smartphones and have been met with mixed reactions. Consumers welcome the idea of being given access to personalised store maps however disapprove of the use of facial recognition technology and other practices that toe the line of privacy invasion.



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$2.8 billion

The estimated advertising revenue of Instagram for 2017. There is speculation that this could be grossly underestimated however due to it not taking into account desktop advertising. As it currently stands, Instagram only serves promoted content on its mobile platform. This however could change with their increasingly healthy desktop traffic – upwards of 20 million unique users per month. The Facebook owned digital image sharing platform is continuing to develop its advertising strategy as it works towards monetising a largely untapped audience.



Over a quarter of those belonging to the millennials’ generation provide fake birthday information to get special deals online. Do the marketers putting together these special offers care about the cheeky millennials “flaunting” the system? Probably not – the vast majority of people provide correct information and the marketers likely have measures in place to ensure each user is only supplied with birthday offers once a year anyway. Despite this, I get a feeling that this statistic will grow as the word continues to spread. If you’re interested in the digital quirks of the different generations, you might like April 2015’s edition of Month in Numbers.




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The portion of a particular group of professionals who claim that social media vastly improves their productivity. It would seem that journalists are becoming increasingly reliant on social media platforms to do their jobs. This makes sense as social media gives them a chance to connect with PR professionals around the world, keep abreast of global stories and stay on top of trending articles. It would be my educated guess that a wide range of professions are just as, if not more, reliant on social media platforms as journalists to increase productivity. In light of this, we think you should let your boss know that blocking social media websites at the office is likely to hinder your productivity!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the July 2015 edition of Month in Numbers and, as always, invite you to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Stay tuned to The Brain in August as we’ve got some great posts in the pipeline for this month.

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