Month in Numbers – July 2016

This month, we’re hitting you with numbers we consider one in a million..or one million..of a billion? From the biggest mobile game in U.S history to a new partnership in artificial intelligence and healthcare, July 2016 has been a jam packed month of huge numbers! Enjoy!

$1 billion

This is how much Anglo-Dutch consumer good company, Unilever, paid for startup Dollar Shave Club last month. The relatively new company sells male grooming products directly to customers for little as $1 a month – and has yet to make a profit!

They recently launched into global view after they posted the now viral marketing video about shaving on Youtube. With over 23,240,000 views it’s being applauded in marketing circles around the world and manages to use that magical combination of dry humour and simple ideas to deliver something great…..F**cking great. (pardon our french..)

Check it out below!

75 million

The biggest phenomenon of the summer has got to be the game that has swept the globe attracting the young and nostalgic alike – Pokémon Go. With over 75 million downloads worldwide within only a few weeks, it is breaking records left and right! By using a location-based augmented reality platform to tap into a user’s GPS capability to find, battle and eventually capture hundreds of virtual creatures but in a real world display, it has encouraged not only the generations who once played it when it was first released in the 90s but people of all ages to get involved. With plans to expand on the game and allow businesses to get involved (sponsored PokeStops) as well as wearable tech that won’t drain your battery power (and eat all your data!), it looks like the hype won’t be fizzling out any time soon.

The world chooses you, Pokémon Go!


500 million

According to, that is how many Tweets are sent per day on average.  That’s based on approximately 6,000 per second, 350,000 per minute and 200 billion per year!


1 million

Google’s DeepMind division has recently announced a partnership with the NHS’ Moorfields Eye Hospital in London to use advances in their AI (artificial intelligence) technology to apply machine learning to 1 million anonymous eye scans in order to try to spot common eye diseases earlier. The further knowledge and advancements this research could gain could have tremendous benefits for the healthcare industry in the future. 


Retina. Google
Look into my eye…


What do you think of the phenomenon of Pokemon Go? Are you catching them all or have you moved on? Are you also wildly Googling how to become a member of the DeepMind division (how cool does it sound)? If you think these numbers are interesting, why not share them? See you next month for another edition of Month in Numbers!

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