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Attacat Month In Numbers June 2012
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Whether you were pro- or anti-Jubilee, the beginning of June held a couple of pretty juicy numbers: 60 – the number of Q-Liz’s years on the throne –  or 4 – the number days in the luxuriant long weekend we had to celebrate it. But the bunting is down now, so here’s some other numbers that caught my eye over the last month…


This is the growth in video ad views year over year since 2010 in the US. Current UK stats are still pending, but this is another indication that online marketers need to be paying attention to video in a big way. Have a gander at the full article over at Search Engine Watch.

500 000

Another US stat but one that really caught my eye this month – this is the number of jobs that the mobile app industry has created in the States over the past 5 years. The Next Web has more here.


Tweeting is fleeting – or so suggests this number, which according to a new survey is the percentage of changes to top searches on Twitter every hour. Check out more info on the “churn” of Twitter search activity over at Search Engine Land.


The percentage of students who, when asked what they used Facebook for, replied “chatting with friends”, with 53% answering “for entertainment” – versus just 13% who use it for offers and discounts and 6% for brand information. So the key message for brands looking to engage their student audience? Be entertaining. More, including a couple of good stats on Google + and QR codes at Econsultancy.


This is how much of the UK ad market internet marketing will account for by 2016, forecast Pricewaterhouse Coopers in a new report. Internet marketing will also be the only segment of the UK media and entertainment market that will grow by double figures in the next five years. So Attacat are onto a good thing after all then… see the full article over at Brand Republic.


This is the percentage of people who panic over loss of their mobile phone, and I, as of this week, officially count amongst them… read about the worrying condition of “nomophobia” over at TechCrunch.


And finally, just for LOLs… this is the pocket change the mighty Google has splashed on new top level domain name applications (so that’s alternatives to the more traditional .com, .org,, for example). The most bizarre entry? Their application for “.lol”… hope you can live up to your (domain) name Google… Check out more on what the search giant has in their digital supermarket trolley over at Marketing Week.


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