Month In Numbers: June 2013

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It’s that special time of the month again everyone. Hold on to your proverbial hats, because we’re about to hit you with some pretty heavy facts and figures. Are you all situated? Great, let’s go:


This is the percentage of people who have simultaneously used another device when watching entertainment (I love a good tweet during The Apprentice). The results from the global study from Edelman showed the relationship between entertainment and social and showed that 51% did this ‘always’ or ‘most of the time’ and that seven in ten of these ‘experience enhancers’ are male and college educated.

The report also showed that in the UK 58% of social media users shared about entertainment, 65% about their own lives and 61% about their friends. (#predictable)



According to a white paper from eDigitalResearch and IMRG this is the percentage of online shoppers that feel that quicker responses to queries would help their online shopping experience and purchase journey. 40% of the survey respondents felt that a live chat service or free phone contact number would go a long way towards helping their shopping journey online.


1 million

Facebook hit a milestone this month announcing they now have 1 million active advertisers (those that have advertised in the last 28 days) on the site. They made the announcement in a blog post thanking its advertisers, the post also revealed a site that featured small businesses success stories and tips to encourage others to hop on board the Facebook advertising wagon…In a shameless plug Attacat can help you with this, so don’t be afraid to get in touch!



According to research from SocialBakers this is the average engagement rate of a tweeted Vine video. A tweeted YouTube video has an engagement rate of 0.05% despite Vine only launching about six months ago and up until this week only being available on iPhone and iPad. However its popularity on Twitter may be gaining on YouTube due to the ease of uploading to Twitter. Earlier this month Vine became available to Android users (20% of mobile Tweeters) an even larger pool of Vine videos is expected to now appear.

I have a personal favorite Vine video – it never fails!

youtube vs vine enagement



survey on customer service expectation has found that 55% of those who raise an issue on Facebook or Twitter expect an answer within 4 hours.

Overall speed was very important with 95% of customers finding it important to be helped quickly, 89% wanted a transparent overview and 88% wanted the procedure to be completed with a single contact.



This is the number of consumers globally willing to share personal digital information in order that they then receive relevant adverts more useful to them. The research, conducted by IPG Mediabrands and Microsoft also showed that 45% of people would sell their data to brands in the future.



This is the average broadband connection speed in Mbit per second that Edinburgh had in 2012, just the second slowest behind Bristol in the City of Edinburgh Council report, Edinburgh by Numbers. The same report found that around 23% of Edinburgh residents do not access the internet while at home – who are these strange people!?



According to a study by Chitika the number one spot in Googles organic results gains 32.5% of all the clicks while position 11 (the top of page 2 will get 1%). Clicks on Page One altogether in the study saw 91.5% of all clicks and Page Two saw 4.8% dropping to 1.1% on Page Three.


3.2 million

Britain is holiday obsessed at the moment, desperate for a glimpse of foreign sun – this is the number of searches that were made in May alone by consumers searching for flight-related terms on laptops/desktops and mobile devices. was the most visible website for flight-related searches achieving 90% of the share of the voice.


100 million

Google have announced in their Transparency Report that they are now showing this many unsafe browsing warnings per week. Browsing warnings are designed to warn people if they about to enter a site deemed unsafe due to suspected malware or fishing attempts. These warnings have risen sharply since May and hit a peak on June 16th with 88,416,377 per week appearing to users.




According to an eMarketer report this is the percentage of B2B decision makers that say that content effects their purchasing decisions, but only quality and in-depth content. They want formatted and detailed content that solves their business problems. For marketers looking to target these decision makers they cited professional organisation and online communities as their first source of information that would influence them followed by industry groups and trade publications second and third.


That’s all from this months round up folks! Join us next time for Julys Month In Numbers rundown. In the meantime, if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below – you know how we love to hear your thoughts!



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