Month in Numbers: June 2015

We’re back again with a cheeky wee look at June’s most interesting statistics from the digital marketing world. We reveal the winner of the ongoing transaction method war, struggle to fathom the sheer daily volume of instant messages being sent and update you on Jamie Oliver’s  Instagram followership (lucky you!).

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Cash has at last been superseded by digital payment methods. It’s been recently confirmed that 48% of all transactions in the UK last year were made with cash, being narrowly pipped at the post by our now officially favoured digital payment methods. This trend is expected to continue with just 34% of transactions forecasted to be settled with cash by 2024. Does anybody have any predictions in regards to when (if ever) cash will become obsolete?

2.9 million 

This is the number of followers currently boasted by Jamie Oliver on Instagram. Mr. Oliver’s case is a perfect example of how the popular mobile photo-sharing platform can diminish the value of appearing in print publications within an industry. Food sharing accounts are a dime a dozen on Instagram with tens of thousands of amateur cooks and professional chefs vying for the attention (as well as the likes and shares) of food lovers. If you’re that way inclined, have a squiz at the food-sharing accounts with the strongest follower engagement on Instagram.

30 billion 

The number of messages sent per day on the popular instant messaging platform, WhatsApp. Comparing this figure to 20 billion SMS messages (what on Earth is an SMS?) sent per day globally gives an indication as to the ever-growing strength of instant messaging services over SMS. These potatoes are small (yes, that is a popular expression!) in comparison to a statistic highlighted in April’s Month in Numbers post regarding Facebook’s instant messaging service, Facebook Messenger.

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1 in 4 

1 in every 4 minutes of all time spent online can be attributed to social media sessions. This proportion is forecasted to rise further as mobile and tablet usage continues to increase. Furthermore, our addiction to social media is clearer than ever with recent research claiming that the average internet user has 5 personal social profiles. We tip our hats to anybody who can find the time to manage 5 different versions of themselves online!

Twitter spelled in scrabble pieces

$2.6 billion 

Not another mobile-related statistic! This is the recently forecasted US mobile video advertising spend for 2015. This statistic is notable due to its 70% rise in comparison to 2014. There’s been a lot of hype in the digital marketing world regarding mobile devices of late. This slide deck might help you understand the growing significance of advertising tailored to mobile devices.

That’s all for June’s edition of Month in Numbers. Leave any thoughts or questions in the comments section below and be sure to stay tuned for new posts in The Attacat Brain.


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