Month in Numbers: June 2016

Welcome to another edition of Month In Numbers. This month we’re discussing buy-outs, social media’s influence on buying decisions and first impressions!

Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

Last month, Microsoft bought LinkedIn for an incredible $26.2 billion. What turned into a bidding war involving CRM leader Salesforce, finally came to an end when LinkedIn chose to negotiate exclusively with Microsoft. This back and forth actually pushed LinkedIn stocks up to $196 per share, which is a bit more than the $160 Microsoft had initially proposed.


Google ad spend increased 25% year-on-year in Q1 2016

As paid search is one of our strengths, this nugget of info generates a lot of interest around the office. More and more marketers are clearly seeing the benefits of paid search advertising. With the recent noticeable difference in stronger paid CTR over organic traffic, we’re happy that we’re already ahead of the game on this one. At our trip to Google HQ in Dublin back in June, we learned more about how we can better harness this increase in investment and, in turn, get better results for our clients. It’s also interesting to note that 53% of the total paid search clicks in Q1 2016 were via smartphones and tablets, further proving the importance of mobile sites and optimising your ads for these devices.


social-image84% of online shoppers review at least one social media site before making a purchase

What does your social media strategy look like? Do you simply post promotion after promotion? Or do you actually ENGAGE with your followers via friendly, relatable posts, building a relationship based on loyalty and understanding? With 84% of online shoppers checking out at least one of your channels before purchasing, it might be a good idea to start looking a bit closer at the image you represent to your customers and whether or not that aligns with your overall marketing strategy and goals.


3 seconds to bounce – first impressions are everything!jumping

I don’t know about you but when I first started going for job interviews as a teenager, the biggest bit of advice I was given over and over was that appearance and first impressions are of the utmost importance. It’s said that you basically have 30 seconds to impress someone before they pass judgement, positively or negatively, on how they feel about you. It’s been (a few) years since I was a teenager and, with the rise of the digital age, it’s not surprising to see this number drop. Radware states that it now takes only 3 seconds before a person visiting your site has decided whether or not they are going to stay based on how long it takes for your page to load. Not only do you need to ensure you look nice – you also need to make sure you show up on time.

41% of adults talk to a computer on a daily basis

When it comes down to the thick of it, who do you call when you’re in a bind? Your mum? Your best friend? Your spouse? Ghostbusters? Not always. For 41% of you, you’re most likely to try Siri, OK Google, or perhaps even Cortana. Many believe that this is the future of search, and with the recent advancements in word error rates (20% to 8% in just 2 years), artificial intelligence and chatbots, the future could be closer than we think.


What do you think? Do you check companies out on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn before making a purchase? Do you find yourself asking your phone for help before a friend? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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