Month in Numbers – March 2013

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Google certainly took April Fools Day seriously this year with 15 fully planned pranks to try and trick and fool you. Our favourites include the news that YouTube is closing down and the launch of Google Nose. Once you’ve used Google Nose to have a good sniff of some crisp money (because why not?), you can use  Google Commerce to withdraw the cash straight from your mobile! So come on, did you fall for any of it? Perhaps you ended up on the bus with your phone pressed up against your nose. No, just us then?

Though our favourite day of silliness has been and gone,  some of Google’s pranks are currently still live and available for you to enjoy. On Google’s Treasure Maps, you use a spyglass to zoom into an old-school filtered street view with a telescopic frame. There are also treasure icons scattered around certain map coordinates allowing you to search for Google-ified treasure – what hidden treasures have you discovered?

In the meantime, let’s get back to business with our stats for the month and you can rest assured that all the numbers below are no joke, we take our Month In Numbers seriously!


30 trillion

This is the number of  pages that the web is currently made up of – and it is continually growing. With one hundred billion searches each month there is a hugely complex system in place to get you the right results. Google have put together a great interactive infographic to show you how this system works.


9.6 trillion

Another massive number for our Month in Numbers blog – this one is the estimated number of text messages sent out in 2012. Text marketing is growing in popularity due to their 98% open rate and 45% response rate. The conversion rate or leads sent three or more text messages after initial contact is a huge 328%!



This is is amount that the UK mobile ad market has increased by. The industry is expected to be worth £17 million by 2017 as smart phones and other mobile devices continue to impact the sector. The white paper report produced by M&C Saatchi Mobile that predicts this also found that 46% of smart phone users use their device to look up local information and 46% use their phone to access a brand site.



This is the percentage of brands that have an official YouTube channel. Collectively the top 100 brands on YouTube have racked up a very impressive 3.15 billion views, unsurprisingly Google’s YouTube channel has the most views at 718.4 million, however Red Bull has the highest number of subscribers to date with 1.6 million.


3 out of 4

3 out of 4 brands from the Top 100 Brands in the World are now on Google+. It is now set for major growth and 20% of brands now link both their home page and Google + pages meaning that it is ever-increasing likely to appear in the SERPs.



A pretty hefty fine… This is the amount that DM Design were fined last month for excessively cold calling their customers without first checking if they had opted out of marketing calls. This just goes to show how consumers are getting increasingly less tolerant of avoidable interruptions and advertising.


1 billion

On March 21st YouTube announced that 1 billion unique users are now using the video sharing site every month – nearly one out of every 2 people using the internet. This explosion in viewership on YouTube partly comes down to the popularity of music videos such as Psy’s Gangnam Style which with 1.45 billion views, is still YouTube’s biggest hit.



Just after the above stat was announced, Experian Hitwise found that 5% of all online usage was to video sites. – this makes up over a billion visits per year, an increase of 16%. 70% of all visits to video sites came from YouTube and UK users are spending 203 million hours watching videos each month!


400 million

Since @jack first tweeted “just setting up my twttr” on the 21st March 2006 the number of tweets sent every single day is now 400 million, from 200 million active Twitter users.



This is the percentage of people who will read the whole of an email when opening it on a mobile device, whereas on a desktop it sits at 51%. Mobile email open rates in the UK stand at 24%, much lower than the open rate of Canada and the USA at 37% and 38% respectively.


So that’s all from the March round up folks, join us next time for April’s Month In Numbers post. In the meantime, if you see any interesting stats please do pop them in the comment section below – you know how we love to hear your thoughts!

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