Month in Numbers: March 2014

Can you believe it’s April already? The Attacat office are currently mega excited about a few upcoming things including the impending Edinburgh May sunshine, brighter mornings and longer evenings and the potential ability to not wear a jacket (maybe, just maybe)!

As with most months, there’s anyways a few significant stats, and March is the same. This month’s biggies feature  a couple of hashtags that went a bit mental and our favourite photo-sharing social media platform. Bon appetit!


Of consumers find video useful when buying online according to a report from Econsultancy. Broken down, the types of videos that customers watch the most are instructional videos (67%), product and service videos (64%) and humorous videos (64%). One thing to bear in mind if you’re thinking of creating videos to support your products and/or services is that more and more people are using mobiles so it’s essential your video is mobile-friendly.


Oscar selfie

Yep, you guessed it. This is the number of retweets that the #oscarsselfie currently has. The tweet has also been favourited 2,009,880 times and had been shared more than 2 million times on Twitter before the end of the Oscars ceremony.

Interestingly there are rumours that the whole thing was a marketing stunt by Samsung who have reportedly forked out £12 million for their advertising “integration” during the Sunday broadcast of the Oscars ceremony.

£8 million

Another hashtag heavy stat; the #nomakeupselfie raised over £8 million for Cancer Research UK in 6 days.  Amazingly the viral campaign was not endorsed or paid for by any charities and was simply picked up and was made into a social media frenzy.


Incredibly though this simple idea has raised enough money for Cancer Research UK to fund nine clinical trails and one tissue sample collection and it didn’t end there, various other cancer charities such as Macmillan, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Care and other saw a spike in donations and at a grand old advertising cost of… Zero!


According to a study by Bell Pottinger mobile advertising is projected to increase by 64% in 2014. Including this they suggest that mobile browsing is expected to grow by a half in 2014 and 87% of connected devices purchased in 2014 will be smartphones and tablets. It also stated that 55% of marketers increased their digital marketing budgets in 2013, but we already knew that didn’t we.


39% of surveyed UK businesses have described their mobile and email marketing strategy as basic, and 22% have described their strategy as non-existent. This comes following an Email Marketing Industry Census sponsored by Adestra.

Email marketing character

Something more to draw from this is the fact that email marketers are heavily encouraged to think about mobile first in terms of their email templates; design an email that is optimised for mobile and then expand it out to tailor other connected devices and desktops. Despite this encouragement, only 8% of responding companies are taking this approach.


Who doesn’t love Pinterest? If you’re a company or business that is driven by visuals then you absolutely should be on Pinterest, no doubt. Basically Pinterest have launched some new features in 2014 and user engagement is on the rise. Considering that over 70% of users use Pinterest for purchase inspiration, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon if you haven’t already.

Pinterest | Krispy Kreme
Omg doughnuts…


There’s a real opportunity for brands to interact with users on Pinterest and per user Pinterest gets 14 times the referrals that Twitter or Facebook generate. Here’s another 5 good reasons why you should be using Pinterest now.

Thought of any other biggies that we’ve missed out? Go on, let us know about it – after all, sharing is caring!

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